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Yaesu Antenna systems,

These Yaesu antennas atas-120 are for use with the FT-897/FT-857, FT-847/FT-450 and the FT-100/D. try the ATAS-120 utilises a motorised tuning system which resonates the radiating element for the lowest SWR using control voltages sent to there ATAS-120 via the coaxial cable connected to your rig,

Yaesu AMK-1 Antenna Mounting Bracket

The AMK-1 Antenna Mounting Bracket is designed to be rear-mounted on a motorcycle, using the Licence Plate/Number Plate mounting bracket. Read more

Replacement Whip for Yaesu ATAS-120/A RA0084400

Replacement Whip for Yaesu ATAS-120/A RA0084400, Genuine Yaesu part, part number is RA0084400. Read more

Yaesu COX-2MM Cable kit for YHA-M10 and AMK-1

The Yaesu COX-2MM Cable kit for YHA-M10 and AMK-1. Read more

Yaesu YA-30 Broadband Dipole Antenna

Yaesu YA-30 Broadband Dipole Antenna is designed to provide optimum performance over a wide frequency range. The usual requirements for multiple antennas or an antenna tuner between the transceiver and the antenna are eliminated by the unique broa... Read more

Yaesu ATAS-120A antenna

The Yaesu ATAS-120A mobile antenna system,Designed for use with Yaesu transceivers equipped with the ATAS system ( Active Tuning Antenna System).These Yaesu transceivers are the FT-897, FT-847 and the FT-100/D. The ATAS-120 utilises a motorised tu... Read more