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Wireless Camera Detector

A professional-quality hidden camera detector is both easier to use and more effective. You can get one for around £100. Professional detectors offer two methods of finding a camera: either they look for that glint from the lens (much like using a flashlight or smartphone), or they detect RF broadcasts from a wireless camera. Some detectors rely on one technology or the other (the cheapest detectors pick up RF), while pricier models include both, a combination of features that's effective at finding different kinds of cameras.

To make visually finding a hidden camera easier, detectors use multiple flashing LED lights or in more expensive models, lasers to help light up camera lenses. They're as simple to use as a flashlight. Simply hold them up to your eye (make sure the lights are facing away from your eye) and activate them while looking around the room. Just like a flashlight or smartphone, you'll have to hit the camera from the right angle to tell it's there, so you'll want to take a slow, careful look around the room, focusing on specific areas where a camera might be hidden. A camera lens should light up in the detector's viewfinder, making it easy to spot

Optoelectronics SH055 Wireless Camera Detector

The SH-005 Mini Camera Detector / Wireless Camera Detector /RF Signal Detector has a frequency range of 50MHz-3GHz and comes in a very samll package. The SH-005 can detect 2.4 GHz wireless cameras from a distance of 2 feet. SH-005 is specially d... Read more

Optoelectronics SH055V Mini Wireless Camera Det...

The SH055V Mini Wireless Camera Detector, This card type Mini Wireless Camera Detector is special made ford etecting all kinds of wireless spy camera from 50MHz-3GHz. It also works well in detecting FM or UHF bugs. This Hidden Camera Detector can... Read more

Optoelectronics MD30 Cell Phone Detector

MD30 Cell Phone Detector, Specifications: Detection Mode: RF Power Peak Detection Detection Frequencies: GSM 880-915MHz, CDMA 824-849MHz, WCDMA (1920-1980MHz), and DCS (1710-1785MHz) Antenna: Dual band dipole omni-directional Power: Li-battery (si... Read more

Optoelectronics SH055UDW Cell Phone Detector

The SH055UDW from Sure safe is made for detecting GSM and 3G cellular phone communication, GSM 900, 1800 MHz & 3G (WCDMA, UMTS) 2100 MHz The unit can expose unauthorized mobile communications, GSM bugs and 3G spy cameras. The portable GSM &a... Read more

Optoelectronics SH055UMW Cell Phone Detector

The SH055UMW from Suresafe cell phone detector is made for detecting 2G & 3G cell phones (all current generations and all networks). The SH055UMW GSM, CDMA & 3G cell phone detector can expose unauthorized mobile communication and disclo... Read more

Optoelectronics Wega i Wireless Camera Detector

The Wega i unique device was created for professionals in the sphere of the urveillance countermeasures. The WEGA i can discover lenses of all types of covert cameras no matter the working state of the camera.The WEGA's LED matrix radiates a power... Read more

Optoelectronics SH055UF Cell Phone Detector

The Cell Phone Detector,This new cell phone detector is made for detecting cellular phone communication in a place, without interfere with 2- way radio, cordless phone or wireless camera, etc. It has breakthrough ability in detecting 3G, CDMA and ... Read more

Optoelectronics WCH350X Video Sweeper w/DVR

The WCH-350X, with a built in DVR and RF/AV state-of-the-art scanning ability, this is the ultimate in Counter Surveillance equipment. It detects RF AV video signals and instant locks on to what it finds. Scanning various video frequencies, the un... Read more