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wimo radio products

Welcome to the wimo Amateur radio and Antenna page. Here, you'll find links for high gain antennas covering hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Antennas forum and more are here for future reference. Amateur radio Antenna sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern inprovements in antenna design.

Replacement G4mh -2- element 3 band aerial spik...

If you need Replacement G4mh -2- element 3 band aerial spikes(screw in tuning ends)order here this is a spare part so 5-7 days normally. Read more

SMA connector male to male

42905 SMA connector male to male. Read more

42038 Adaptor PL jack (f) / BNC jack (f)

42038 Adaptor PL jack (f) / BNC jack (f) Read more

Adaptor PL plug (m) / N plug (m) .

The Adaptor PL plug (m) / N plug (m). Read more

Adaptor BNC jack f / N jack f - 42033

42033 Adaptor BNC jack (f) / N jack (f) Read more

Cap for N or PL sockets 42200

Screw Cap with rubber gasket and chain, to be fastened on an M3 screw or similar. Read more

Rectangular Ferrite Toroid

Fight interferences with toroidal ferrites. Just wrap the cables of the affected device once or several times around the toroid, close it, ready. Suitable for all types of cables. Optimal frequency range 0.5 to 200 MHz.*Only ONE is supplied!* Read more

Yaesu-Icom-Kenwood Radio Screen Protector

Maintain the value of your radios with professional screen protectors. No more scratched displays, the screen protectors last for years and protect reliably even at daily use. The WiMo protective films are super-transparent and have a very smooth,... Read more

23137.01 Extention Kit for Suction Cup Holder

The Extention Kit for the Suction Cup Holder contains a second bracket, hardware and two U-bolts for installing a tube of up to 20mm diameter. With the suction cup holder many kinds of antennas can be easily installed securely and very fast. Read more

RG-213 Angled PL 259 Male Plug Right Angle Cla...

RG-213 Angled PL Plug, PL 259 Male Plug Right Angle Clamp RG 213 Cable Connector Read more

Quarterwave Antenna VHF 140-160 MHz, flexible, ...

Type - Rubber DuckyFrequency Range - 140-160 flexible, λ/4Length - 50Connector - BNC Read more

Wimo VHF 108-165MHz High Gain SMA Antenna

Wimo VHF 108-165MHz High Gain SMA Antenna, In spite of the highly sensitive receivers, a better (in most cases longer) antenna can improve reception dramatically, especially on lower frequencies. Read more

Window Clamp for Antennas

Window clamp for temporary use of a radio in a car, just place the rubber ducky of your handheld radio or any other antenna on the clamp. Includes 2m cable with BNC or SMA connectors. Read more

Ladder-Loc Center Part for Parallel Wire

Center isolator for dipoles which are fed with symmetrical 450 Ω parallel wire. The strain relief is not done with the wire but with the form-fitting rectangular excavations. Read more

'Magnetic Loop Antennas' By Oldrich Burger and ...

The monograph, "Magnetic Loop Antenna, A Bit Different Every Time", is an unique study that in technical literature has no similar works to compare. One of the authors, Marek Dvorský, is an Assistant Professor at Ostrava Technical University, wh... Read more

Dual band dipole 2m/70cm balcony, window sill ...

Collapsible dipole for 2m and 70cm, well suitable for balcony, window sill or other portable operations. Fits in any bag, gain at least +5 dB more than rubber ducky. Both dipole sides are made from stainless steel and are simply plugged together. ... Read more

Spare part Dipole 1200 W

Spare part Dipole 1200 W for WY-204, WY-214 WX-208 WX-214, WX-220 Read more

18120 Spare part Dipole Driven Element Only

This is a replacement driven element for WY-204, WY-214 WX-208 WX-214, WX-220. Read more

2MTR Window quad Antenna

Window quad Antenna, Quad loop as a mono band antenna for 2m. Full wavelength loop, gain approx. 1 dBD, includes BNC connector. The loop can be opened at one corner, which allows for fast and very small packing. SWR adjustment with a plastic screw... Read more

Desk Stand for IC-705

Very flat holder for the IC-705 and other devices.The flat steel plate gives your IC-705 the necessary stability on the table or in the meadow for portable use. Due to the very low working height of about 5cm the IC-705 has the right height to be ... Read more