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Icom d-Star Radio Repeaters.

Welcome to the Icom d-Star Radio Repeaters page. Here, you'll find links for high quality Icom Icom d-Star Radio Repeaters.covering vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Icom d-Star Radio Repeaters forum Like Icom Base Icom d-Star Radio Repeaters,and more are here for future reference. Icom d-Star Radio Repeaters.sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in Icom d-Star Radio Repeaters design.

Icom ID-RP4000V - UHF (70 cm) Voice Repeater

UHF (70 cm) Voice RepeaterThere are DV (digital voice) mode RF modules for the respective bands. With a combination of these RF modules, cross band operation with 430- 440 MHz band is possible.Compatible with: IC-E2820 IC-E91 IC-U82 Read more

Icom ID-RP2000V - VHF Digital voice repeater 2m

The ID-RP2000V VHF digital voice repeater opens the way for UK Amateur operators to use the D-STAR repeater system on 2m. Read more

Icom ID-RP2C Repeater Controller

ICOM Repeater Controller, One unit is required for each repeater station and can connect up to 4 RF modules. The ID-RP2C transfers the received signal to the specified RF module or the Internet gateway server. Compatible with: IC-E2820, IC-E91, IC... Read more

Icom ID-RP2D - 1.2GHz Digital Data repeater

The ID-RP2D is the Digital Data mode RF module for 1.2GHz and provides an access point with a high-speed data rate of 128kbps. Read more

Icom ID-RP2V - 1.2GHz Digital Voice repeater

For 23cm operation, the ID-RP2V 1.2GHz Digital Voice repeater connects to the ID-RP2C and receives/transmits 4.8kbps digital voice. Read more