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Second Hand Radio equipment
Second Hand TENTEC 565 Orion HF Transceiver
Second Hand Radio equipment
Second Hand TENTEC 565 Orion HF Transceiver

Struggling to find TenTec? Beat the rush today! Boxed and in clean condition, with original manual, microphone and ALC cable... also fitted with the ATU!

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Product code:SH-TT-565AT-6595521
Brand:Second Hand Radio equipment

The Ten-Tec ORION represents an entirelyconcept in high performance HF transceivers. Our goal with thisground breaking design is to deliver the finest performance level to date from an ham transceiver. The heart of the ORION design is a pair of 32-bit floating-point ADI SHARC DSP processors. Using dual 32-bit devices provides much more processing "horsepower" than a transceiver using a single 32-bit DSP processor can provide. The result? Absolutely unparalleled HF receiver performance, filtering, and flexibility. Full dual receive capability. An ham-bands-only main receiver, (10 through 160 meters) utilizes both crystal and IF-DSP filtering. The sub receiver is IF-DSP and is general coverage from 100 kHz to 30 MHz. Both receivers can be used simultaneously on any frequency, with no compromise in performance. The two receivers can share a single antenna or each can be fed to a separate antenna. Receiver controls are available on both receivers. Bandwidth, AGC, PBT, Hi-Lo Cut, AF and RF Gain, attenuator, DSP NR and notch filtering are all selectable independently on each receiver. Very high RX intercept points, superior dynamic range and an extremely low phase-noise synthesizer make ORION's main receiver performance unmatched by any other HF transceiver. 590 receive IF-DSP bandwidth filters independently selectable on each of the main and sub receivers (100 Hz - 6000 Hz in 10 Hz steps). The main receiver also accommodates up to six crystal filters in the first I-F stage. Three of the six filters at 6.0, 2.4, and 1 kHz are standard. Optional filters for 1.8 kHz, 500 Hz, and 250 Hz can be added. These filters can be cascaded with any of the 590 selectable IF-DSP filters. The sub receiver has its own set of 590 filters that are selectable independent of the main receiver filtering. Rather than being limited to a single wide roofing filter at 15 or 20 kHz (compromising close-in receiver performance), ORION's selectable crystal filters narrow the roofing bandwidth to as little as 250 Hz to avoid any compromise of close-in receiver performance caused by loud nearby signals. No other transceiver, regardless of filtering system, does this.

Optional filters and accessories

Model 217 500 Hz, 8 pole CW filter (9MHz) Model 218 1.8 kHz, 8 pole SSB filter (9MHz) Model 219 250 Hz, 6 pole CW filter (9MHz) Model 302R Remote encoder/ keypad Model 307B External speaker Model 310 Cooling fan Model 701 Hand mic, electret condenser with coiled cord and 4-pin connector Model 706 Desk mic, electret condenser with coiled cord and 4-pin connector Model 963PS Switching power supply for Ten-Tec HF transceivers. 115/230 VAC input, 25 amps continuous duty at 13.8 VDC output. Screw down terminals on rear for attachment of transceiver power cable. Size: HWD 3.75"x7"x9.25". Weight, 4 pounds. Model 9624 STUDIO ONE, Heil/TenTec top of the line studio style transceiver microphone. Unmatched audio quality Model 9625 CC1 cable for Heil Studio-One microphone, TenTec 4 pin Model 9626 TB1 table stand for Heil Studio-One microphone