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If you're looking for a RF amplifiers HF, VHF or UHF look no further as we have a very large range of equipment to hand. We buy and sell all types from low to high power amps. If you after anything in particular, give us a call or drop us an email rf amplifier circuit | rf amplifier basics | What is rf amplifier | rf amplifier ic | types of rf amplifiers | rf amplifier | rf amplifier block diagram | rf amplifier price.

Second Hand EMTRON DX-2SP

For the connoisseur, who want nothing but the best, EMTRON is introducing the very special DX-2SP. This amplifier stands on its own and has no competition. Produced for the military, the SVETLANA GU-84B tube, with plate dissipation of 2500 watts, ... Read more

Second Hand Microset PR430A 70cm Mast Head Pre Amp

Second Hand Microset PR430A 70cm Mast Head Pre Amp, Very low noise and low intermodulation antenna preamplifiers, mast installation, high performance and good operating also in congested band and with strong radio fields generated by broadcast tra... Read more

Second Hand Kenwood VB-2200GX 2M Amplifier

Second Hand Kenwood VB-2200GX 2M AmplifierA 2M amplifier designed to be used with the Kenwood TR-2200.This is a rare item!Can also be used with other LOW POWER 2M transceivers (i.e. about 10 watts output) Drive power - 1W Read more