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Used Antenna Tuners

Welcome to the buy and sell used antenna tuners page. Here, you'll find links for high power antenna tuners covering hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the amateur radio antenna tuners forum like comet, yaesu, icom, ldg electronics, mfj, vectronics and more are here for future reference. Amateur radio antenna tuners sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in antenna tuner design. Ham radio shops uk. Try radioworld uk for low prices great quality,fast delivery on ldg electronics antenna tuners,mfj,yaesu,capco,

Second Hand Icom AT-150 Automatic Antenna Tuner

Second Hand Icom AT-150 Auto antenna tuning unit.A popular choice of Antenna Tuning Unit for use with IC-735Specification: Type: Automatic antenna tuner Frequency range: 10-160 m + WARC Max feed through RF power: 100 W Read more

Second Hand Icom IC-AT100 HF Full Automatic Ant...

Second Hand Icom IC-AT100 HF Full Automatic Antenna Tuner, The Icom AT-100 is an automatic external antenna tuner for 80 through 10 meters. Specific frequency range is: 3.5-4, 7-7.3, 10-10.5, 14-14.5, 18-18.5, 21-21.5 and 28-30 MHz. It provides au... Read more

Second Hand Icom AT-180 Automatic Antenna Tuner

The AT-180 automatic antenna tuner is optional for the IC-706MkIIG which does not have its own built-in ATU or the IC-703 which does. The ATU-180 covers 160m to 6m and handles VSWRs up to about 3:1. It does not handle long wire antennas. It is par... Read more

Second Hand Palstar AT-500 Meter 600 Watt PEP A...

The Second Hand Palstar introduces the AT-500 600 Watt PEP antenna tuner. All of the Palstar quality and features that Hams worldwide have come to expect is now available in a compact, lower power, lower priced tuner, the AT-500Covering 160 to 6 M... Read more

Second Hand Palstar AT4K HF Manual Antenna Tuner

Second Hand Palstar AT4K HF Manual Antenna Tuner, Palstar AT-4K 2500 Watt Manual Antenna Tuner, The Palstar AT4K 2500 watt antenna tuner covers 160 to 10 Meters with a power rating of up to 2500 watts PEP. The AT4K is the tuner that built Palstar'... Read more