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Uniden scanners

Welcome to the Uniden scanners page. Here, you'll find links for the ubc range of scanners covering hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the radio scanning forum Like best scanners like ubc125xlt, ubc3500, bct15x, bearcat and more are here for future reference. Uniden radio scanners sold here, we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in Uniden and bearcat scanners design, If you looking to purchase a quality cheap radio scanner uniden is a market leader, great value for the hobbyist or professional private detective, A radio scanner is a must, signal tracking-bug finding or just enjoying listening to the the pilot or ground control or more, Most models include close call.

Uniden WRIST STRAP for Scanners

Carrying Strap / Wrist Strap, Black, Total Length 23 cm. Use for: JMC Type RTP1000,Uniden-Bearcat Types UBC75XLT, UBC125XLT, UBC3500XLT, USC230 and all other brands/types with a hole to connect a wrist strap. Read more

Uniden Bearcat UBC-3500 PDF CD Manual

Uniden Bearcat UBC-3500 PDF CD ManualPDF Manuals on the UBC-3500, Simple install on your PC for your own reference's! We can obtain most PDF manuals, Simple call us on 01922 414796 or email us at sales@radioworld.co.uk or gaming@radioworld.co.uk Read more

Uniden Belt Clip for UBC125XLT

Original Replacement Clip.Use for: Uniden-Bearcat Types UBC69XLT2, UBC72XLT, UBC75XLT, UBC125XLT, USC230 and other items with mounting holes at same spacing.FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS:Screws are not included.PACKING INCLUDES:1 Pc of Clip. Read more

Original Uniden Belt Clip for UBC-72/92XLT

Original Uniden Belt Clip for UBC-72/92XLT Replacement belt clip usually supplied with Uniden UBC-72XLT or UBC-92XLT hand-held scanner receivers. Use for: UBC69XLT2, UBC72XLT, UBC75XLT,UBC120XLT, UBC220XLT, UBC92XLT and others. Screws are provide... Read more

Replacement WCN-8 UBC-3500 SMA to BNC Adaptor

Replacement UBC-3500 SMA to BNC Adaptor, Same style that comes with the UBC3500 will also fit other lines of radio! Read more

Uniden AD-1239 Cigarette Lighter Plug Power cor...

Cigarette Lighter Plug Power cord with Mini-USB, use for UBCD3600XLT, UBC125XLT, UBC75XLT, PMR446HR-2CK and many others. Read more

Replacement Battery Cover for UBC125 & UBC75

Replacement Battery Cover for UBC125 & UBC75, Genuine Uniden part for the above handhelds! Read more

Uniden UBC-125, UBC-75 Replacement Charging & P...

USB Cable, for Charging NiMH Batteries and Programming by Computer. Use for: Uniden-Bearcat Types Use for: Uniden-Bearcat Types UBC75XLT, UBC125XLT, UBCD3600XLT, SDS100E Read more


FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS: • SPEAKER, 24 Ohm, 0,5 Watt, Diameter 32 mm. • Used in: Uniden-Bearcat Types UBC75XLT, UBC125XLT, UBCD3600XLT PACKING INCLUDES: 1 Pc of Speaker. Read more

KNOB for Squelch from UBC125XLT

FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS:• KNOB, Plastic, Black.• Function: Volume/Squelch/Sel• Used in: Uniden UBC125XLT.PACKING INCLUDES:1 Pc of Knob Read more

UNIDEN UBC-3500 Charger

Uniden Radio Scanner Charger for UBC3500XLT 3 pin UK Read more

Uniden Cigarette Lighter Plug for BCT15X

12VDC Power Cord with Cigarette Lighter Plug, Connector 5.5 mm. Read more


FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS:• POTMETER• Function: Volume• Used in: Uniden UBC125XLT.PACKING INCLUDES:1 Pc of Potmeter1 Pc of Bolt1 Pc of Ring Read more

Uniden AD-1117 Switching Power Supply for Unide...

Model: S024EM1380070.Part.No: AD-1117.Input: 100 - 240 Volt, 50/60 Hz, 600 mA Max.Output: 13.8 Volt, 700 mA.PACKING INCLUDES:1 Pc of Switching Power Supply.1 Pc of 2-Pin EU Switch over Plug.1 Pc of 3-Pin UK Switch over Plug. Read more

Uniden BNC Antenna Telescopic and Foldable - AT540

Portable Antenna for Uniden Scanners, Wideband, Telescopic and Foldable, Length 16-65cm. Connector BNC-Male Read more

Uniden scanner antenna with BNC

An Original Rubber scanner antenna with BNC plug connector as supplied with Uniden scanner receivers. Read more

Car Power Cord for Uniden Bearcat 69-72-92-3500XLT

Car Power Cord for Uniden Bearcat 69-72-92-3500XLT Read more

Uniden BP-250 Uniden Battery Pack, NiMH, 4.8 Vo...

For use with scanners of Uniden-Bearcat models UBC3300XLT, BC250D, BC296D. The BP-250 (NiMH) also replaces BP-180 (NiCad) used in Uniden-Bearcat models UBC180XLT, UBC280XLT and others. Read more

Uniden AD1243 UBC75XLT, UBC125XLT DC-Cigarette...

Travel Adaptor, DC-DC Car Adaptor, DC-Cigarette Lighter Plug with USB-Slot.Input: DC 12-24 Volt, 1.3A. Output: DC 5.0V, 1 Ampere, USB-Slot.Use for: Uniden-Bearcat models UBC75XLT, UBC125XLT, Albrecht models AE75H, AE125H and others. Read more

Protective Soft Case for the Uniden UBC-92 & UB...

Protective Soft Case for the Uniden UBC-92 & UBC-72 ScannersAlso fitted with a Belt clip! Read more


FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS:• Rear Panel Assembly• Original Replacement• Use for: UBC125XLTPACKING INCLUDES:1 Pc of Rear Panel Read more

Uniden UBC125XLT and UBC-75 Carry Case.

Uniden Carry case for Uniden Bearcat UBC75XLT and UBC125XLT scanners. Approx dimensions of the case are 12cm x 7cm x 4cm. Read more