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Ten-tec radio
Tentec Eagle 599 HF DSP transceiver
Ten-tec radio
Tentec Eagle 599 HF DSP transceiver
£1,924.96 (£1,604.13 exc. VAT)
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Product code:EAGLE-599
Brand:Ten-tec radio

The EAGLE-599 is TenTec's brand new compact radio designed particularly for portable and mobile operation. The first thing you will notice is the large colour display that can be configured to any background colour you like. Switch on and you will be greeted with receiver performance that combines traditional crystal ladder roofing filters with latest DSP technology. CW operators will just love the famous TenTec QRK performance and data mode operators can benefit from tuning steps down to 1Hz! Power output can be adjusted from 5 Watts to 100 Watts. There is an optional internal auto ATU and for those who are fed up with noise blankers that never seem to work, TenTec are offering the 320NB module at a very modest price for those who have significant noise problems.

The Ten-Tec Model 599 Eagle signifies strength born from DSP technology in HF design. Listening to input from Ham radio operators from around the world led our team of engineers to a remarkable compact yet high performance transceiver that Hams of all ages and skill levels will find a joy to operate.

The large easy to read display can be conveniently configured with your favorite background color and intensity, making your Eagle a pleasure to use as a base, portable, or mobile radio. Flexibility also extends to the Eagle with Ten-Tec’s Sensitune automatic antenna tuner, noise canceling circuitry, and of course Ten-Tec’s famous selective roofing filters.

The Ten-Tec Eagle will truly provide years of outstanding performance unequaled by any other radio in its size or price class. You can be assured the Eagle offers more receiver horsepower with new DSP based architecture, Selectable Roofing filters, noise reduction, antenna tuner, and of course Ten-Tec’s legendary QSK keying. A tribute to American ingenuity makes the Eagle a radio you can be proud to show your fellow Ham radio operators.

Whether you are a seasoned contester, DX chaser, net operator or a casual operator, the Ten-Tec Eagle has the performance and convenience that will provide years of operating enjoyment!