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Talking Headsets Accessories

Welcome to the Talking Headsets. Here, you'll find links for Talking Headsets and Accessories.In addition, specific models mentioned in the Talking Headsets forum and more are here for future reference.we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern inprovements in headset design.

SWATCOM 2Talk Headband, Hi-Viz Yellow c/w Batte...

The SWATCOM 2talk headband (AK6592) headset allows hands-free, full duplex encrypted communication between two matching headsets up to 200 metres apart.Please be aware you will need a minimum of 2 SWATCOM 2Talk headsets in order to pair up & c... Read more

2talk Pro-M

2talk’s Pro-M Handset (AK-BTD-SC) allow hands-free, full duplex communication between handset and or Bluetooth headsets up to 200 metres apart.The Modular Handset has a quick disconnect connection that allows numerous types of headsets to be con... Read more

A-KABEL Wireless Handset for Ground Mechanic He...

The A-Kabel Wireless Handset (AK-BT-A) for the A-KABEL Wireless Ground Mechanic Headset combine to allow instant wireless communications between ground mechanic and flight deck. The Ground mechanic has total freedom to walk within a 50 metre radiu... Read more

PTT7000 with 11m Lead

Heavy-Duty Waterproof PTT fitted with a 11m High-Viz orange lead fitted with a TP120 plug. Read more

11m Lead with U94A/U PTT Switch

11m High-viz Orange Lead with U94A/U PTT Switch.Durable In-line Press-to-talk switchSwitch can be positioned on lapel or belt to suit individuals needCan be connected to a wide variety of radiosEasy to repair and maintain Read more

SWATCOM 5 Throat Mic for 2talk Pro-M

The SWATCOM 5 Throat Mic (SC5) for 2talk Pro-M, was designed specifically for Military, Law Enforcement and other users who want a reliable accessory for voice communication that is streamline, easy to use and can be adapted in the field, for a va... Read more

SWATCOM 12 D-Style Audio Only Earpiece for 2tal...

The SWATCOM 12 D Style Audio Only Earpiece (SC12) fits tightly around the ear, so it does not dislodge with physical activities. ATEX Approved.For use with SWATCOM 5 Throat Mic for 2talk Pro-M Read more

SWATCOM 15 C-Style Audio Earpiece for 2talk Pro-M

The SWATCOM 15 C-Style Audio Earpiece (SC15) for 2talk Pro-M is a comfortable and versatile speaker option that can be used for multiple applications. Fits on either the left or right ear with very little adjustment needed.For use with SWATCOM 5 T... Read more