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SGC Smartuner

Welcome to the Amateur radio SGC Smartuner page. Here, you'll find links for high gain antennas SGC Smartuner covering hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Antennas forum Like SGC Smartuner and products and more are here for future reference. Amateur radio SGC Smartuner sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in SGC Smartuner Products & Accessories design.

SG-230 SGC Smartuner 1.6MHz to 30MHz Fully weat...

The SG-230 Smartuner is designed to tune and match any random length of wire from 2.4m to many tens of metres in the frequency range 1.6MHz to 30MHz. It is capable of handling up to 150W input from the transceiver. It is thus ideal for a wide rang... Read more

SGC SG-237 microprocessor Antenna Coupler

BUY SG-237 is the World’s smallest high performance Antenna Coupler. It is designed to match any whip, backstay, dipole, centre fed, loop or long wire antenna.Don’t think that because of its small size that it can’t handle more than a few wa... Read more

SG-237PCB SGC Circuit Board Only

The SG-237PCB is the printed circuit board version of the SG-237. It is sold as a separate item for those that want to operate the SG-237 within a different housing to the one normally provided or integrated within a transceiver setup. The specif... Read more

MAC-200 SGC Automatic ATU 1.8-60MHz

BUY MAC-200 antenna tuner from SGC offers a great way of controlling and feeding your ham radio antennas. Its a complete antenna control centre that is designed to stay in the shack, beside your transceiver. The unit is powered from any 12 - 15V D... Read more

SG-239 SGC Mini Smartuner

The SGC SG-239 Mini Smartuner, * Frequency range: 1.8 - 30 MHz * Power input: 1.5 - 200W * Channels: Unlimited * Input Impedance:0.2-5000 Ohms * VSWR: Typically less than 2:1 * Min. length of antenna: 2.75m * Fully automatic operation * Unique ... Read more

SG-211 SGC MINI-Smartuner

The SG-211 MiniSmartuner is an intelligent system that is simple to use. Connect RF from your transceiver, connect your antenna and you are on the air! No power connections, no control cables, nothing external is necessary. Read more


The SGC ADSP-2-EXT-MKII DSP Speaker now with two switches you can now select from three modes of operation - no noise reduction - the original ADSP - or the ADSP2 noise reduction mode which provides up to 26dB of noise reduction within the passban... Read more

SGC SG-105 Longwire Antenna

The SG-105 is an Inverted "L" type, or longwire antenna system with 3 ground radials, suitable for operation from 1.6-30 MHz (with antenna coupler, SG-230 or similar). Antenna is 60 feet in length and includes 3 each 70' wire ground radials for op... Read more


The SmartLock Pro is a handy remote controller for the SG-231/235 Auto ATUs. Supplied with over 2.7m of cable it is easily wired into the ATU and run from the operating position. Read more

SGC SMART-LOCK Remote Control

The SmartLock is a handy remote controller for the SG-230/237 Auto ATUs. Supplied with over 2.7m of cable it is easily wired into the ATU and run from the operating position. Read more

SGC Delta Loop Antenna Kit

Base station, mobile or emergency antenna, directional 3dB to 12dB, for frequency range of 1.8 to 60 MHz and for use with any coupler (similar to SG-230, SG-231, SG-239 or SG-237). Antenna loop wire is 80 feet (perimeter) and can be configured arr... Read more