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SGC Smartuner
SGC SG-237 microprocessor Antenna Coupler
SGC Smartuner
SGC SG-237 microprocessor Antenna Coupler
£419.95 (£349.96 exc. VAT)
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Product code:SG-237
Brand:SGC Smartuner

BUY SG-237 is the World’s smallest high performance Antenna Coupler. It is designed to match any whip, backstay, dipole, centre fed, loop or long wire antenna.

Don’t think that because of its small size that it can’t handle more than a few watts. It’s capable of handling 100W (PEP) and 40W maximum on CW. It is ideal for radio ham, commercial, marine and aviation applications. It can automatically match and remember 170 locations.

Only four connections are required. The DC input requirement is 13.8V DC (nominal) 300mA, its DC operating range is 10.5 to 18V DC. The SG-237 with its microprocessor control automatically selects inductance/capacitance combinations to achieve a perfect match. The unit is fully waterproof and has been tested under 0.6m (2ft) of water over a 24 hour period.

Frequency 1.8 to 60MHz * Power input 3 - 100W (PEP) 40W max CW * VSWR: <1.4:1 (typical) * Antenna: Min length 2.4m 3.5-60MHz, Min length 7m 1.8-60MHz * Input impedance range 45 - 55 Ohms * Output: Ceramic terminal * DC supply 13.8V DC 0.3A * Fully waterproof housing * Size: 178 x 229 x 38mm * Weight: 0.9kg