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Welcome to the scanner antenna page. Here, you'll find links for high gain antennas covering hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the antennas forum like diamond antennas,comet, yaesu, icom, watson cushcraft, mfj and more are here for future reference. Radio antenna sold here, We update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in scanner antenna design.

Diamond DP-KE137 Receiving antenna Weather Sate...

The Diamond DP-KE137:Receiving Antenna for Weather Satellite NOAA & ACARS, Length:1.0m / weight:1.1Kg, Frequency: 137MHz, Mast Diameter accepted: 25-62mm, Connector: MJ. Read more

WA-103 Broad-band Ant 7-30MHz

WA-103 Broad-band Ant 7-30MHz 150W PEP * 7-30MHz (Tx), (1.8-30MHz Rx) * Type: Terminated Folded Dipole * Radiation: Omni-directional ( Inverted 'V' or sloper) * Power: 150W (PEP) * Feedline: 50 Ohm (requires coax feeder) * Sprea... Read more

Diamond D220 Mobile Scanner Antenna

The Diamond D220 Mobile Scanner Antenna, Mobile Mini Discone Antenna (100 to 1600MHz for receiving) (144/440/904/1200MHz for transmitting), Specifications:1/2wave(144MHz), 2x5/8 wave (440MHz) Bands: 100-1600 MHz, Gain dBi: 2.15dBi(144/904/1200MHz)... Read more

MFJ-1868 25-1300 MHz Discone Antenna with Coaxi...

The MFJ-1868 25-1300 MHz Discone Antenna with Coaxial Cable & Mounting hardware.Ultra wide-band antenna receives 25-1300 MHz. Perfect for scanners. Transmit 50-1300 MHz. Handles 200 Watts. Ideal for 6/2/11/4 Meters, 70/33/23 CM ham bands. Exce... Read more

MFJ-1866 25-1300 MHz Discone Antenna

The MFJ-1866 25-1300 MHz Discone Antenna. Same as MFJ-1868, but transmits from 144 to 1290 MHz. Coax and hardware is not included. Read more

Diamond D-777 Airband Civil and Military Receiv...

Diamond D-777 * Frequency bands 120/300MHz * Gain 3.4/5.5dBi * Type 5/8, 2x5/8 * Length 1.7m * Radial length 52cm * Mast size 30-62mm * Socket SO-239. Read more


Generally regarded as the best all round discone antenna. Not only does it cover 25-2000MHz on receive you can also transmit on 6/2/70 & 23cm - find any other antenna on the market that can do that !Key Features/Specifications:Type: Scanking R... Read more

SKYSCAN V1300 full size Discone antennas

The SKYSCAN V1300 A high quality regular size discone antenna with innovative 4 separate whips to cover 25-1300 MHz band.Constructed from the best quality stainless steel and aluminium, it comes complete with mounting pole.Technical Specifications... Read more

RBA-20 Airband Antenna

The Radioworld RBA-20 Airband Antenna For optimum reception of air band signals you cannot do better than install an external base station antenna. The improvement is dramatic. The RBA-20 is designed to give you these improvements and its fibre gl... Read more

BLACK DIAMOND - Antenna, 25 to 1500 mhz

The BLACK DIAMOND - Antenna, 25 to 1500 MHz Height 1 mtr, SO-239 connection. Read more

Scanmaster Airmaster dedicated civil airband An...

The scanmaster airmaster is a perfect base antenna for the aircraft listener as it is a dedicated VHF design to give maximum performance between 117-140Mhz.With a length of just 570mm and with 4 x 590mm radials, it is a very easy install, and also... Read more


Frequency Coverage - Receive 25-2000 MHz - Length 90 cm - Radials 3 x 20 cm - Impedance 50 Ohms - Connection SO-239 - Mounting Bracket Included. A very wide band compact antenna that can be mounted outside or inside a loft space. Read more

Diamond RH-789 95-1100 MHz Receive BNC Telesco...

The Diamond RH-789 BNC 95-1100 MHz Wide-band Receive Telescopic Whip with hinge, BNC 95-1100MHz Wide band Receive Telescopic Whip 80.5cm long, 20cm retracted with hinge. Read more

Wimo VHF 108-165MHz High Gain SMA Antenna

Wimo VHF 108-165MHz High Gain SMA Antenna, In spite of the highly sensitive receivers, a better (in most cases longer) antenna can improve reception dramatically, especially on lower frequencies. Read more

Icom IC-R20 Replacement Antenna With BNC Swivel...

Telescopic Scanner Antenna With Swivel BNC Connector IC-R3 (Replacement Part) Read more


Radioworld R-118 VHF Airband Super Gainer Antenna With BNCSpecifications118-137MHz TX/RX 2.15 dBi Gain10 Watts50 ohms Impedence395mm Long Read more

W-881 Watson 25-1900MHz Super Gainer BNC

The W-881 Super Gainer is the one to choose for really long distance reception. High quality engineering and ergonomic design ensure that it is the natural replacement for those seeking to extend their receiver’s range. * 25 - 1900MHz * 41cm lo... Read more

Airband magnetic Whip WSM-225

The WSM-225 Airband magnetic Whip For successful air band monitoring from a vehicle, you need an external antenna. You also need one that offers broad band performance in order to cover both the civil and military bands. The WSM-225 provides this ... Read more

WATSON W-901 Airband Helical Antenna - bnc fitting

The W-901 Airband Helical Antenna Designed to fit on any handheld radio that covers the air band frequencies. This antenna is carefully tuned to give optimum performance on the military and civil bands. It is an ideal accessory to use with the wid... Read more

Scan master mini mag mobile scanner antenna

The Scanmaster mini mag mobile scanner antenna 25-1300 Mhz mini magnetic mount antenna with a small rare earth magnet. These are excellent little antennas, very effective magnetic base, and a discrete fit on the car, can hardly be noticed at all.... Read more

Scanmaster SW-2 HF SW VHF UHF portable antenna

The Scanmaster SW2 is designed for portable or fixed station use. It has very wide coverage, is simple to install and plugs straight into your receiver. The Scanmaster SW2 is really 2 aerials in 1, VHF/UHF + SW HF and these can be used together or... Read more

Radioworld R-881 Super Gainer Scanner Antenna 2...

The Radioworld R-881 Super Gainer is the one to choose for really long distance reception. High quality Upgraded engineering and ergonomic design ensure that it is the natural replacement for those seeking to extend their receiver’s range. * 25 ... Read more

Uniden BNC Antenna Telescopic and Foldable - AT540

Portable Antenna for Uniden Scanners, Wideband, Telescopic and Foldable, Length 16-65cm. Connector BNC-Male Read more

WSMA-889 Watson 25-1900MHz Tele-Gainer SMA

The Watson WSMA-889 Tele Gainer gives you the advantage of adjustable length with swivel knuckle joint. As with the other Watson Scanning Antennas, it has been designed to give you the best reception possible. * 25 - 1900MHz * 31cm long * Telescop... Read more