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RM Amplifiers

RM Amplifiers are designed and built in italy, Various products from Ham Radio, CB Radio amps to HF Amplifiers, From 12v to 24 volts, Also Fan Cooled, If you need to stand out in a crowded band chose RM Amplifiers, Money Well spent.


The KL703 is a new 500W linear Amplifer for use between 25 and 30 MHz, (developed for the 10m amateur radio band).It can be used for all types of narrow band modulation (SSB, CW, AM, FM and Data). It is particularly suitable for portable / in-car ... Read more

RM HLA-300 300w Amplifier

The RM HLA-300 300w Amplifier, Frequency HF Input energy/power 40 A Input power 1-15 W, Input power 1-15 W Input power SSB 2-20 W, Output power 300 W, Output power SSB 550 W pep, Mode All, Fuse 4x12 A, Output power level 2, Size 191x450x66, Weight... Read more

RM Amplifiers KL-805 27MHz AM/FM/SSB 1kW 24V Wa...

RM Amplifiers KL 805, Protection against reverse polarity, over-temperature and over-Ros-Preamplifier antenna 26dB in reception - Connector for remote control indicator output power - Low-pass filter output - Forced ventilation.Frequency 24-30 ... Read more

RM HLA300V HF AMPLIFIER 1.8 - 30MHz, 300W MAX (...

The RM HLA300V HF AMPLIFIER 1.8 - 30MHz, 300W MAX (W/FAN), HF Professional Linear Amplifier, 1.8 - 30 MHz All-Mode All-Band amplifier, Electronic switch, PTT input, Watt Meter, 6 Low-pass filter manual or automatic selected, Please note: Picture f... Read more

RM-BLA-350 300W Solid State Amplifier

The RM BLA 350 Immediate use without setup - Change band instant, no tuning required No pre-heating, high protection against ROS - Cooling system forced variable speed - Band display and error operation - Selector for Automatic or Manual - Uses 2 ... Read more

RM BLA600 Wide Band HF 1.8-55MHz Linear Amplifier

RM BLA600 Wide Band HF 1.8-55MHz Linear Amplifier, The BLA 600 is a wideband compact linear amplifier for the HF bands and 6m, from 1.8 to 54 MHzKey Features/Specifications: Using Freescale MRFE6VP5600 Output 500W. Dual MCU Control Fast PIN Diode ... Read more

RM BLA 1000 1000 Watts Key-down Output 1,5 - 55...

The BLA 1000 1000 Watts Key-down Output 1,5 - 55 MHzSupply 230/240 or 110 Vca Input energy/power 2600 VA Input power 100W Output power 1000W RMS Mode AM-FM-SSB-CW Instant use without setupover 1000 Watts Key-down OutputInstant Bandswitching, n... Read more