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Radioworld uk

Welcome to the Radioworld uk Amateur radio Antenna page. Here, you'll find links for high gain antennas covering hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Radioworld uk forum Like antennas,coax, plugs, antenna mounting poles, and more are here for future reference. Amateur radio gear sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in ham radio design.

Pulley for Rope Mast Fixing

The Pulley-3 is clamped high up on a pole and a halyard can be threaded round the pulley wheel. This is ideal for supporting long wire antennas and to easily lower the antenna to the ground when required for maintenance or repair.Pulley wheel 5cm ... Read more


Kevlar brings together the strength, temperature resistance, lightness, and flexibility manufacturers need for their ropes and cables for land, sea, and space applications.Key Features/Specifications:1.905mm (0.075in) diameter 50m spools Colour bl... Read more

Full set of Mast Collars and Pinions

Full set of Mast Collars and Pinions - these are replacement genuine parts for the Radioworld Masts small/medium/large the pack includes a full set of mast collars and pinions. Read more

CTE 140-PL 14cm diameter magnetic base

Robust magnetic foot 12cm with PL connectionincl. approx. 3mtr. cable and PL-259 connector plugrubber protective cover Read more

RGR-6 Nylon Braided Guy Rope

Braided Nylon CordKey Features:Diameter: 6mmLength: 30mMax Load: 620kgUV Protected Colour White Read more

Hard Drawn Copper Wire 50m Roll

Enamelled copper wire is ideal for HF or shortwave wire antennas and because it is insulated it is great for coil winding projects.Key Features:Length: 50 Metres Gauge: 1.5mm Diameter Read more

High Gain Portable BNC Airband Antenna

Type: High Gain Portable BNC Airband Antenna,Regular BNC Fitting Airband Antenna, Length: 15" inch,Connector: BNC. Read more

4:1 Current Balun 400W - RB-4

4:1 Current Balun, Key Features: Frequency: 1-30MHz, Power: 400 Watts, Independence: 50 ohms, Connection: SO259 for cable 2 x brass terminals for wire Read more

Radioworld 1:1 Current Balun RB-1 400W

1:1 Current Balun, Features:Frequency :1-30MHz, Power : 400 Watts ,Independence : 50 Ohms, Connection : SO239 for cable 2 x brass terminals for wire. Read more

Radioworld skyscan Mobile Scanning Antenna + Ma...

The mobile antenna covers 25-1300MHz and comes complete on magnetic base with 4m coax cable terminated in BNC plug. Read more


Frequency Coverage - Receive 25-2000 MHz - Length 90 cm - Radials 3 x 20 cm - Impedance 50 Ohms - Connection SO-239 - Mounting Bracket Included. A very wide band compact antenna that can be mounted outside or inside a loft space. Read more

W-18 18in T&K Wall Stand-off Bracket

The W-18 18in Wall Stand-off Bracket * Stand off wall bracket * 46cm (18in) overall length * Galvanised * Up to 5.08cm (2in) mast Stand-off measurement taken from centre of U-bolt 39.3cm (15.5in). Read more

Radioworld Power Stick 7 foot Black CB Antenna ...

Classic CB 6-28 Mhz AM/FM Mobile CB antenna as seen all across the USA visual comparasion to the Original Firestick.Specifications1/4 wave Top loaded mobile antennaPower Handling 300 wattsLength 214 cmCoil diameter 12 mmImpedance 50 OhmsFrequency ... Read more

G5RV HF Centre Feed Wire Antenna

Over the last few decades, the G5RV antenna has become one of the most popular and widely used "all around" multi-band antennas in the world. Even though it is a "compromise" antenna, it has good overall performance on most hf ham bands when used... Read more

Radioworld RM-300 Dual Band VHF/UHF Mobile Antenna

Radioworld RM-300 Dual Band VHF/UHF Mobile Antenna, High performance dual-band mobile antenna with an open spring loading coil, pre-tuned for the 2m/70cms ham bands, made to the highest standard!Technical Specifications: Type of Antenna 5/8 wave F... Read more

Antenna Pole | Mounting | 6' X 1.25'' Swaged S...

Heavy gauge 1.25” diameter steel mast, swaged at one end to allow slotting together of two or more sections for extra height. antenna pole | antenna mast | portable antenna mast | antenna mast portable | aerial mast | steel antenna pole | mast f... Read more

50m Enamelled Copper Wire

50m Enamelled Copper Wire, * 50m pre-stretched * 16 gauge (1.6mm diameter) * Can be soldered to if enamel is removed. Read more

Copper Earth Rod 100% Copper SC-ER

A good quality 4ft earth rod with nice fitted clamp, Key Features, Type: 100% pure copper earth rod, Size: 120cm (4ft) Diameter 3/8th, Fitted with brass clamp, This is a genuine 100% pure copper earth. Read more

2 Metre Folded Halo Antenna

2 Metre Folded Halo Antenna Key Features/Specifications: Type: Folded dipole antenna Frequency: 144-146MHz Overall square size: 300mm VSWR: 1.5:1 or better Power: 200 Watts Connection: Direct connection to dipole centre Omni directional. Read more

DAB Folded Dipole 175-230MHz 75 Ohms.

The DAB Folded Dipole 175-230MHz 75 Ohms, Base station directional yagi antenna for Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB). Complete with mast clamp.* Frequency 175 - 230MHz * Yagi beam * 3 elements * Gain 5dBd * Impedance 75 Ohms* Boom length 51cm * El... Read more

RG-58 Coax Cable 50 Ohm Military Spec 50 Metre ...

Key Features/Specifications Size: 5mm Military spec RG58 Impedance: 50 Ohms Core: 19 X 0.18mm Braid: 89% 120 X 0.10 Loss per 10m @ 100MHz:1.5dB Colour: black. Read more

Mono Band Dipole Antenna Complete And Ready To Use

10m Mono Band Dipole Complete And Ready To Use, This Listing is for a 10m half wave Dipole, the overall length is approximately 5 meters.The antenna is constructed with Poly Weave Nylon coated multi strand antenna wire The Dipole centre is encapsu... Read more

G5RV 80M Inductor Kit

80 metre add on coils for half size G5RV to convert to full Features: Power: 400 WattsAntenna length increased by only 5mInstructions included Read more