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Radioworld uk

Welcome to the Radioworld uk Amateur radio Antenna page. Here, you'll find links for high gain antennas covering hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Radioworld uk forum Like antennas,coax, plugs, antenna mounting poles, and more are here for future reference. Amateur radio gear sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in ham radio design.

HB9CV-6 6m 2-element Beam

The HB9CV-6 6m 2-element Beam, Ideal antenna if you are short on space and want to get on 50Mhz. Read more

RBV-50 Dual Band Vertical Collinear 2/70cm

RBV-50 Dual Band Vertical Collinear 2/70cm Pick up your favorite VHF-UHF frequencies both Bands 2m/70cm with this one dual band collinear antenna. Read more


Superb directional yagi antenna - perfect for the AirNav radar box or any SBS series receivers. Ready assembled just point and go (requires cable)Key Features/Specifications:Frequency: 1090MHzGain: 16dBVSWR: 1.5:1 or betterImpedance: 50 OhmMax Pow... Read more

High Quality RG-58 50 Ohm Coax Cable 152m Drum

RG-58 50 Ohm Coax Cable 152m Drum, Ideal for Ham radio, CB, PMR (VHF) and many more! Read more

HFW-RX30 Long Wire Antenna HF Frequency 0-40MHz

Perfect for any scanner or receiver with a built in balun impedance matches the antenna to receiver for great results No ATU Required.Key Features: Type: Complete deluxe short wave receiving antennaFrequency: 0-40MHz Length: 25m high quality flex ... Read more

ATX-300S 9 Band Plug 'n' Go HF Mobile Antenna

Helical 9 band plug 'n' go mobile antenna. Specifications:Frequency: 6-10-12-15-17-20-30-40-80 metres Length: 165 cmVSWR: 1.5:1 or betterPower: 200 Watts Fitting: PL259 (SO239) Band Change with use of fly lead and socket Read more

Francis 300-CB22B Black 3 Hot Rod CB Antenna

36 In Overall Length 100 Watts Rated3/8 - 24 Chromed Brass FerruleBlack Double Quarter Wave Fiberglass CB Antenna WhipThreaded Base Accepts All Standard Antenna MountsTraditional Sleek Style that Reduces Wind Drag LoadIndividually Pre-Tuned Unique... Read more


Generally regarded as the best all round discone antenna. Not only does it cover 25-2000MHz on receive you can also transmit on 6/2/70 & 23cm - find any other antenna on the market that can do that !Key Features/Specifications:Type: Scanking R... Read more


Flexweave is a high quality multi-stranded copper wire. It is easy to use, can be soldered and extremely strong. Suitable for all antenna constructionsKey Features/Specifications:Type: Original high quality flexweave bare copper wire Length: 100 m... Read more


This is a great sturdy mast with tripod that can extend upto 13ft - ideal for the bottom of the garden or going portable.Key Features/Specifications:Type: Portable aluminium mast with tripod Length: 3.8m open 1.5m closedWidth of tripod: 1.5m Diame... Read more

ZL Special 70cm 12 Element Yagi Antenna

Type - 12 element ZL specialFrequency - 430-440 MHzBoom Length - 110cmLongest element - 35cmGain - 14.0 dBdVSWR - 1,5:1 or betterPower - 500 wattsConnection - direct connecton Read more

Aluminium Mast Tripod with 2 INCH Diameter

Mast Tripod. Designed to work with masts with a 2 inch bore Diameter, This tripod is to be used with Radioworld 33 foot or 26 foot or 17'6" masts. 1.25″ aluminium legs with a span of approx 1.5 metre. note: This picture is for illustration purp... Read more

HALO-6 6m Halo Folded Dipole

Type - Folded Dipole Antenna, Frequency - 50-52MHz, Over Square Size - Approx 800mm, VSWR - 1.5:1 OR Better, Power - 200 Watts, Connection - Direct connection to dipole Centre, Omni Directional. Read more

Radioworld Radar Rama External Antenna for Rada...

This antenna is designed to be used for the reception of Radar Mode-S and ADS-B signals on 1090MHz. It is an ideal external antenna for AirNav Systems RadarBox and Kinetics SBS seriesKey Features/Specifications:Type: Radar Rama antennaGain 5.0 dBi... Read more

Skyscan Desktop 25-1300MHZ Scanner Antenna - Di...

This is the best all round wideband desktop scanner antenna on the current market, keeping within the famous discone design but smaller for internal use has proved wonders for indoor reception. Key Features: Type: Discone style desktop receiving a... Read more

R-30 Dual Band Vertical 2M-70CM Antenna

Pick up your favorite R-30 Dual Band Vertical 2M-70CM Antenna frequencies Key Features: Type: Dedicated Air band Antenna, Frequency: 144-146 & 430-440MHz Connection: SO239. * Bands 2m/70cm * Gain 3/6dB * Power 150W * Length 1.m * Weight 0.885kg. Read more

RG-8 High Quality 9mm 50 Ohm Coax Cable 76m Drum

RG-8 High Quality 9mm 50 Ohm Coax Cable 76m Drum, Very Low loss, ideal for VHF/UHF set ups and another band such as HF and CB radio! Read more

ZL Special 70cm 7 element Yagi Antenna

Type - 7 element ZL special Frequency - 430-440 MHzBoom Length - 70cmLongest element - 33cmGain - 11.5 dBdVSWR - 1,5:1 or betterPower - 500 wattsConnection - Direct connection Read more

Radioworld SQBM27 27-28MHZ GRP FIBREGLASS CB AN...

Ideal small compact antenna for CB frequencies - totally encapsulated in GRP fiberglass, simple to use plug and play antennaKey Features/Specifications:Type: Omni directional vertical CB antennaFrequency: 26-28MHzLength: 120cmGain: 1.2dBdVSWR: 1.5... Read more

Radioworld RM-106270 Quad Band Mobile Antenna

Well made and great gain, designed to work the with Yaesu FT-8900 or Wouxan UV950P or Any other Quad band (4 Band) mobile transceiver, Specification Frequency - 10/6/2/70 (29-30/50-52/144/146-430-440) Gain - 10m (2.15dB) 6m (2.5dB) 2m (2.8dB) 70cm... Read more

Radioworld X-30N 144/430MHZ 2M/70CM

The Radioworld X-30N 144/430mhz 2m/70cm / N Type Connector. Length:1m Radial Length approx.19 Cm - Weight:0.8kg Gain:3.5db (144mhz),5.5db(430mhz) / Max.power Rating:200w(Total) Impedance:50 Ohms / Vswr:less Than 1.5:1 / Rated Wind velocity:60m/sec... Read more

FW-PVC-50 PVC Covered Multi Stranded Flexweave ...

FW-PVC-50 PVC Covered Multi Stranded Flexweave Copper Wire (sold in 50m pack) 50m of clear PVC coated multistranded copper wire. Ideal for making up long wire antennas with a thicker cross section than using equipment wire. Read more


Complete 20ft mast set, with swaged sections. Ideal for portable or permanent instillationKey Features/Specifications:Type: Aluminium swaged pole Length: 4 x 5ft sections Diameter: 32mm OD (1.25 inch)Guage: 1.6mm Read more

RBA-20 Airband Antenna

The Radioworld RBA-20 Airband Antenna For optimum reception of air band signals you cannot do better than install an external base station antenna. The improvement is dramatic. The RBA-20 is designed to give you these improvements and its fibre gl... Read more