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President cb radio

Welcome to the President Cb Radio Page. Here, You'll Find Links for President Cb Radio and President Cb Antennas Covering 27mhz. In Addition, Specific Models Mentioned in the Cb Radio Forums Like President Antennas, Microphones and Cb Radio and More Are Here for Future Reference. President Cb Radio Sold Here, We Update Our Stocks to Keep in Touch With Modern Improvements in Cb Radio Design.

President MCKINLEY CB Transceiver

The newest addition to the President family is the impressive President McKinley - A multi mode mobile CB which has been manufactured to Presidents usual high standards. The McKinley operates in the legal 40ch UK FM and 40 (CEPT) FM channels. Als... Read more

President JFK-2 Transceiver CB Mobile, AM/FM

6 European StandardsConfiguration EU 40CH AM 1W / FM 4WConfiguration E 40CH AM 4W / FM 4WConfiguration D 40CH AM 1W / FM 4W 80CHConfiguration EC 40CH FM 4WConfiguration U 40CH FM 4W CEPT and UK frequenciesConfiguration PL 40CH AM 4W / FM 4W, -5KHz... Read more

President Johnson II CB Radio

President Johnson II ASC CB Radio. Multi-Standard, for use in all EU countries It's always nice to see something different - and this President looks different to any other radio currently available! The front mounted speaker and large clear LCD ... Read more

President Jackson 2 (II) European Multi-Standar...

The President Jackson II is a multi-standard CB that can be used throughout the EU. It has anumber of key features one of the most definable being its Automatic Squelch Control (ASC). It also has a clarifier for clearer communication and comes wit... Read more

President William Mobile CB Radio - All Europea...

Where space is limited, this may be the ideal radio for you - it has all the controls in the microphone.This is a fully featured multi standard radio that covers all European bands.The body of the radio is designed to be hidden away (under the sea... Read more

President Lincoln 2+ 10M & 12M Band Radio

President's new AM/FM/SSB/CW mode radio, which comes with a bundle of special features. The President's quality 10M &12M Band radio has public address, RF Power, VFO Mode, RF/Mic Gain and channels/memories scan. Special Features: Rotary switch... Read more

President Grant II Multi-standard (AM/FM/SSB)

Brand new multi-mode mobile CB radio, the President Grant II ASC Premium has 40ch UK FM and 40 (CEPT) FM channels NOW and offers AM/FM/SSB modes which are now fully legal to use in the UK. This "Premium" version has improved receiver performance ... Read more

President WALKER-2 Transceiver CB Mobile

FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS:• 40 channels AM / FM• Channel rotary switch • Volume adjustment and ON/OFF • Manual squelch and ASC• Multi-functions LCD display • Frequencies display • S/RF vu-meter • Public Address• Scan... Read more

President Johnny 3 (III) Multi-Standard Mobile ...

40 AM channels - all european standards Channel selector Volume with power ON/OFF control Manual and automatic squelch (ASC) RF gain TX indicator Digital channel indicator S/RF meter ANL built-in Channel Scan Key Lock... Read more

President Harry 3 ASC

The President Harry 3 ASC, Transceiver CB Mobile, Multi (7) European Standards, ASC, CONTROLS FUNCTIONS: 40 AM/FM channels, 6 European standards, Volume with power ON/OFF control, Manual and automatic squelch (ASC) Multi-functions LCD display, RF ... Read more

President Walker - CB Radio

The President Walker CB radio is capable of switching to 18 European countries. The many features include: Channel 9/19 switch. PA facility Noise Blanker RF Gain Mic Gain Up/Down mic control ASC Automatic Squelch Control Dimensions: 160(L) ... Read more

President Randy II Portable All European UK40 h...

The President Randy II Portable All European + UK40 handheld CB radio President's new portable CB radio with AM/FM channels and special features such as automatic squelch, S-meter and ANL filter. This handheld radio provides you flexibility and ad... Read more

President Walker CB Radio Chrome - Limited Edition

The President Walker with Chrome front panel (Special Edition) is an excellent addition to the President range of CB radios. This particular CB has a number of different features and is capable of switching to 18 European countries frequency bands... Read more

President Ronald 10/12m

Ronald is a new addition to President range. This mobile transceiver operates on 10M and 12M bands on AM/FM modes.It is suitable for 12V application only.Packed full of features such as Digital S-meter, PA, Talkback, RF Gain, Roger Beep, Dual Watc... Read more

President Himalaya WB Base CB Antenna 10 11 12m

New President Himalaya WB (Wide Band) high quality fibre-glass base antenna designed specifically to have a very wide bandwidth to cover CB plus 10m & 12m bands.The antenna is approximately 18ft long, claims a bandwidth of 8MHz (800 channels) ... Read more

President RICHARD 10 Meter Mobile Transceiver

FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS:• Rotary switch channel selector• Volume adjustment and ON/OFF• RF Power• Manual squelch and ASC• Multi-functions LCD display• Frequencies display• S-meter• Public Address• ANL filter, NB an... Read more

President Andy ASC 12/24V AM/FM CB Mobile Radio

President Andy is a dual voltage (12/24V) 40 Channel compact mobile CB radio, which is a new addition to President's range. With it large and clear display and special features such as multi colour LCD display, ANL Filter, NB, Roger Beep, this rad... Read more

President Bill CB Mobile Transceiver

FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS:General• Number of channels: 40 • Modulation modes: AM / FM • Frequency ranges: from 26.965 MHz to 27.405 MHz • Antenna impedance: 50 Ohms • Power supply: 12 Volt• Size: 102 (W) x 100 (D) x 25 (H)... Read more


The President Truman is a state of the art budget range CB radio including Multi-Standard frequencies for travelling accross Europe. It has been designed to be a very simple to operate radio but without compromise on the quality expected from a Pr... Read more

President TEDDY - ASC Multi channel mobile cb

President TEDDY - ASC Multi channel mobile cbLatest compact mobile CB from President, the President Teddy has been designed to compete with lower priced radios yet still maintain the high standard that you expect from President!Features:ASC (Auto... Read more

President Barry ASC 12/24V FM CB Mobile Radio

PRESIDENT BARRY ASC 12/24V FM CB MOBILE RADIO, President Barry mobile CB radio is a new addition to President's range. This dual voltage (12/24V) CB is a basic radio with a large clear display and operates on FM mode only on both the UK and Europe... Read more

President Liberty wireless microphone with a bu...

President Liberty is a wireless microphone with a built-in speaker, designed to be used with President 6 pin CB radios. The mic will also work with other 6 pin CB radios, which has similar wiring as President. It provides you a convenience of havi... Read more

President Texas 1800 Power Mobile CB Antenna

President Texas 1800 Power Mobile CB Antenna, comes with a body mount and RG58 cable terminated with a PL259 Plug. The president range of antennas are in a league of their own, made with either stainless steel or carbon as opposed to the usual mil... Read more

President Colorado cb antenna

The President Colorado antenna , 1915 mm long with variable angle body mount and cable, The President range of antennas are in a league of their own, made with either Stainless Steel or Carbon as opposed to the usual Mild Steel allow President to... Read more