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Optoelectronics Inc

Optoelectronics, Inc. continues to be a leader in the manufacture of unique and innovative RF Test, TSCM and Counter Surveillance Equipment. For 45 years we have been manufacturing our equipment in the USA. Optoelectronics, Inc. offers equipment that appeals to a broad section of users. Our in house designed and engineered Frequency Counters and Nearfield Receivers are used by professionals in industries such as Two-Way Radio, Broadcast Engineers, TSCM Professionals, Security, Defense, Military and Amateur Radio operators.

Digital-Scout USA Two Pin Charger

2 pin charger for the US and others. Designed for work with the Optoelectronics Digital RF Counter. Read more

UK Power Supply for Optoelectronics Digital Scout

UK Power Supply for Optoeletronics Digital Scout. Read more

RD-800 Optioelectronics Rubber Duck Antenna 500...

RD-800 Optioelectronics Rubber Duck Antenna 500-1000MHz BNC Cellular 500-1000MHz BNC rubber duck antenna Read more

RD-2400 Optoelectronics Rubber Duck Antenna 2....

RD-2400 Optioelectronics Rubber Duck Antenna 2.4 - 2.5GHz BNC Rubber duck antenna 2.4 - 2.5GHz BNC. Read more

CB-DS Optoelectronics Download & Datalogging cable

CB-DS Optoelectronics Download & Datalogging cableDownload & Datalogging cable for Digital Scout Please note: Picture for illustration purposes only. Read more

CB-PCR Optoelectronics Reaction Tune Cable for ...

CB-PCR Optoelectronics Reaction Tune Cable for Digital Scout & Icom IC-PCR1000 Reaction Tune Cable for Digital Scout & Icom IC-PCR-1000 Note: Picture for illustration purposes only. Read more

RT-8200MK3 Reaction Tune cable for AOR AR8200MK3

The RT8200MK3 is a Reaction Tune cable for the AOR AR8200MK3. Works with the Scout, Spectrum Scout, Digital Scout, CD100, Xplorer and X Sweeper. This lead will also work on other similar devices. Read more

CUB Optoelectronics MINI Counter

Optoelectronics Cub Frequency Counter is ideal for any two-way communication test application or general purpose frequency measurements. If you're looking for a low cost handheld frequency counter, look no further than the Optoelectronics Cub Freq... Read more

Optoelectronics SH055V Mini Wireless Camera Det...

The SH055V Mini Wireless Camera Detector, This card type Mini Wireless Camera Detector is special made ford etecting all kinds of wireless spy camera from 50MHz-3GHz. It also works well in detecting FM or UHF bugs. This Hidden Camera Detector can... Read more

R506 Bug Detector

The Optoelectronics, Inc. R506 RF Detector works in the range of 50MHz-6GHz and is useful for locating unknown transmitters in the nearfield. The R506 detects analog as well as digital transmissions and FM as well as AM signals.Bug Detector R506 h... Read more

M1 Optoelectronics Frequency Counter inc charger,

M1 OPTO Useful for testing two way radios for frequency measurement in the field or using on the bench, the M1 is a full range 50Hz-2.8GHz frequency counter. Using an embedded micro-controller along with our powerful custom OE40 counter IC, the M1... Read more

Optoelectronics PVRC400HD Portable Video Camera...

The new PVRC400HD can be used as a carry-camera or it can be mounted for stationary use. Either way, you have the best action surveillance camera stick with built in DVR in HD. With 5MP H.2641080P, this bullet camera recorder is just the thing to ... Read more

SCOUT Optoelectronics Frequency Counter/Finder

The Opto-electronics Scout Frequency Recorder is ideal for searching out and recording unknown frequencies. If you're serious about frequency finding look no further than the Scout. Armed with 400 memories the Scout is designed for portable operat... Read more

M1-TCXO Optoelectronics Frequency Counter

The M1-TCXO Frequency Counter TCXO FITTED, Useful for testing two way radios for frequency measurement in the field or using on the bench, the M1 is a full range 50Hz-2.8GHz frequency counter. Using an embedded micro-controller along with our pow... Read more

SPECTRUM-SCOUT *Optoelectronics Frequency Finde...

Spectrum Scout is the only frequency counter that captures frequency and simultaneously displays the FCC bandplan information for that frequency.With a frequency range of 10MHz-2.6GHZ there are over 1000 FCC records programmed into the Spectrum Sc... Read more

DIGITAL-SCOUT Optoelectronics Digital RF Counter

Digital Scout RF frequency recorder / field strength meter is the only instrument capable of counting pulsed RF (digital signals), as well as conventional CW (analog signals) from 10MHz - 2.6GHz. Until now, the only signals that a frequency counte... Read more

CD-100 Optoelectronics Multicounter

CD100 Frequency Counter / Sub-audible Tone Decoder. The CD100 combines a frequency counter and tone decoder in one handheld package. Intended for use by the two-way radio technician for quickly checking portables for frequency and tone, the CD100 ... Read more

Video Sweeper Wireless Camera Detector

Video Sweeper is a fast scanning receiver that detects wireless video cameras from 900MHz-6GHz.With a 2.5” TFT colour LCD the Video Sweeper shows you what the hidden camera is looking at. A separate smaller LCM displays the frequency and the sig... Read more

XPLORER Optoelectronics Test Receiver, Nearfiel...

Xplorer sweeps the range of 30MHz to 2GHz in less than 1 second, automatically locking on any active FM analogue frequency in the near field and demodulating the audio. The two-line LCD displays the frequency of the transmitted signal on one line.... Read more

Power Counter frequency range of 10MHz-2.6GHz

The Optoelectronics, Inc. Power Counter measures frequency range of 10MHz-2.6GHz and at the same time the RF power level from 10 mW up to 5 W.  Simply directly couple the transmitter to the input of the Power Counter. The frequency of the tr... Read more