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Midland Communications sales
Midland ALAN 42 DS MULTI Multi Channel CB Handheld
Midland Communications sales
Midland ALAN 42 DS MULTI Multi Channel CB Handheld
£119.95 (£99.96 exc. VAT)
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Product code:ALAN 42 DS MULTI
Brand:Midland Communications sales

Midland presents the new version of the ALAN 42 model

The portable CB transceiver ALAN 42 DS.

It is equipped with digital squelch and ANL filters and Noise Blanker that eliminate disturbances caused by external sources or by the vehicle.

ALAN 42DS maintains the same functions as the former Alan 42: it is a multistandard device that allows you to select any European band and operate in all EU countries. The digital squelch is the automatic squelch regulation that avoids the use of manual regulation; it is automatically activated according to the received input signal; the Noise Blanker and ANL filters, on the other hand, improve the sound and make it cleaner, eliminating disturbances caused by external sources or by the vehicle, such as ignition noise. Among the various functions it is equipped with, we report the EMG function for the immediate selection of the emergency channel, the high and low power (4W / 1W) selectable, the SCAN and Dual Watch functions.


Band: Multi (See specific table, page 31)

Power: 1W/4W depending on the country

Emergency channel (EMG)

Keypad lock (LOCK)

Battery state indicator

High-lower power (H-L)

Display back-lighting button

AM-FM command selection

SCAN function, Dualwatch

Antenna socket: BNC

Powered by 8 AA batteries or 12V

2-pin accessory socket


1 radio Aalan 42ds

Wall charger for 8 style battery pack,

1x Empty battery pack for 6 styles type alkaline AA

1x Empty battery pack for 8 type AA styles for rechargeable batteries with charging socket.

1x Adapter for car use with external SO 239 antenna socket

1x Scratch-resistant case

1x Antenna

1x Belt clip

1c Wrist strap

Technical specifications

Channels : 40 FM (see the Frequency band chart)

Frequency Range*: 26.565 - 27.99125 MHz

Operating mode: F3E (FM), A3E (AM).

Antenna impedance: 50 Ohm.

Loudspeaker: 8 Ohm 0.5W.

Microphone: condenser type

Power supply: min 7.2Vdc;max 13,8Vdc; nom 12,6Vdc

Dimensions: 30x70x140 mm.

Weight: 220 gr. (without batteries).


Sensitivity at 10dB S/N: 0.5μV (AM), 0.25μV (FM)

Selectivity: more than 60dB

Squelch range: 0.25V-500μV

Audio output power: 0.5W 8 ohm (10% distortion)

Distortion at 1000 μV: 3%

Audio frequency response: 400-2400 Hz

Intermediate frequency: I° 10.695 MHz/ II° 455 KHz

Spurious response: more than 60 dB

Current drain at stanby: 100 mA when the save mode is off / 45 mA when the save mode is on


RF Output Power: duty cycle 10% 4W AM/FM

Frequency Tolerance: 0.005%

Harmonic Suppression: more than 70 dB

Current Drain: 900 mA

Modulation: AM 90% (} 5%) / FM dev. 2.0KHz

* (covering all approved EU frequency bands)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

WARNING: Direct plug-in ac/dc power supply must be used for disconnecting the transceiver

from the mains; the desktop charger must be positioned close to the unit and easily accessible.