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Marine base or boat Antenna

Marine Antenna what to chose,Even the best marine radios in the world will not perform to their optimum if connected to the wrong antenna.the more db gain the better,we have a antenna for all marine applications.

Diamond BC-103 - 134 MHz to 174 MHz Vertical Ma...

The Diamond BC-103 is a VHF Wide band Vertical Antenna which has a frequency range if 136-174 MHz. Specifications: Band: 143-176 MHz, Gain: 2.5-3.2 dB, Max Power: 300W, Wind Rating: 135 MPH (No ice) Height: 4.1 ft, Connector: UHF. Read more

Sirio Cruiser 2000 27MHz HF Marine Antenna with...

CB marine antenna studied to work without ground plane, it is particularly protected against the worst sea weatherthanks to its glass fibre whip which makes it strong and solid in every situation. The whip is DC-grounded in orderto avoid stray R.F... Read more

Sirio GP6E 140 MHz - 175 MHz VHF Base Antenna

Sirio GP6-E VHF (140-175 MHz) omnidirectional base antenna, suitable for land and marine service and is tunable by cutting the whip. SPECIAL FEATURES:* Medium-gain, Mono-band* Base station antenna, Omnidirectional* Suitable for land and marine ser... Read more

Diamond 150MV VHF Marine Vertical Antenna

The Diamond 150MV VHF fiberglass marine 1/2 wave TX vertical transmits and receives between 156 MHz & 157MHz with 2.15dBi of gain. Power output of 50W and measuring 1.23m long. Fitted with an SO-239 connector. Read more

Sirio GP3E 140 MHz - 175 MHz VHF / taxi Base An...

Features:– Base station antenna, Omnidirectional– Low-gain, Mono-band– Suitable for land and marine service– Tunable by whip lenght adjust– Protection from static discharges DC-Ground– Made of aluminium alloy 6063 T-832– Side mast mo... Read more

Sirio SB-2S Marine Antenna with Stainless Steel...

A unity gain VHF omni directional stainless steel marine antenna designed to work without a ground plane. DC ground to protect against static discharges. Supplied with stainless steel bracket for easy mast top mounting. Read more