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SGC Smartuner
MAC-200 SGC Automatic ATU 1.8-60MHz
MAC-200 SGC Automatic ATU 1.8-60MHz
SGC Smartuner
MAC-200 SGC Automatic ATU 1.8-60MHz
£329.95 (£274.96 exc. VAT)
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Product code:MAC-200
Brand:SGC Smartuner

BUY MAC-200 antenna tuner from SGC offers a great way of controlling and feeding your ham radio antennas. Its a complete antenna control centre that is designed to stay in the shack, beside your transceiver. The unit is powered from any 12 - 15V DC source that can produce around 250mA. The built-in forward and reflected power meter has a switchable range of 0 - 20W or 0 - 200W. The built-in memory can remember the settings for each antenna, and so returning to a previously used frequency and antenna, means tuning takes a fraction of a second. For frequencies a typical time is 2 seconds. Antenna selection is by button press. Will handle almost any form of antenna; wire coax or balanced.* Frequency range: 1.8 - 60MHz * Power rating: 1.5 - 200W
* Revolving memory bins:168 : Outputs x5: 3 coax, 1 wire and 1 balanced
* Impedance range: 2 - 5000 Ohms * VSWR: Better than 2:1
* Connectors: 50 Ohm BNC, GPS: MCX
* Interface: RS-232C and CI5 * Connectors: SO-239 & wire terminals
* Supply: 13.8V DC @ 230mA
* Size:165 x 76 x 216mm * Weight: 2kg