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Kenwood communication
Kenwood TH-D74E Digital (D-STAR) capability on 2m and 70cm
Kenwood TH-D74E Digital (D-STAR) capability on 2m and 70cm
Kenwood communication
Kenwood TH-D74E Digital (D-STAR) capability on 2m and 70cm

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RRP: £599.95
£549.95 (£458.29 exc. VAT)
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Product code:TH-D74E
Brand:Kenwood communication

The Kenwood’s TH-D74E introduces radio amateurs to a new world of technology. Equipped with APRS and Digital (D-STAR) capability on 2m and 70cm, this transceiver also provides features such as: Built in high performance GPS, Transflective colour TFT Display, Weatherproof toughness meeting IP54/55 standards, Wideband and multi-mode receive (SSB/CW on HF, VHF, UHF with IF filtering / DSP) Compliant with Bluetooth (allowing audio), microSD and Micro-USB connectivity.

Compatible with the APRS communication protocol, which allows real-time two-way data transmission by using packet communications. This stand-alone device provides enjoyment of communications that make use of a variety of features, including sharing of local and GPS positional information and message exchange.

Compatible with D-STAR, the amateur radio communications network that has both voice and data modes. Both local and international communications are possible through diverse operations including simplex communications, single repeater relay communications and inter-repeater gateway communications.

Wideband and multimode reception

Built-in IF filter for comfortable reception

IF output mode

High-performance DSP voice processing

Tough weatherproofing meeting IP54/55 standards

Easily understandable pop-up screens

Built-in GPS

Supplied With

Antenna Yes, , Ferrite Bar Antenna suitable for receiving mid- and low-HF bands

Battery Yes, , KNB-75L - Li-ion battery (1800 mAh)

Belt Clip Yes

Charger Yes, Supplied with both UK (3-pin) and EU (2-pin) mains cables

Instruction Manual Yes, , Printed "Basic operations" manual in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish & Dutch

Screw Set Yes, , for belt clip

USB Cable Yes, , USB-A to Micro-USB-A cable

Amateur Radio General Features

1750 Hz Tone Burst Function. Yes

8.33KHz spacing on Air Band Yes

Alphanumeric LCD Display Yes

Antenna Socket SMA

APRS Function (via built-in TNC) Yes

Auto Power Off Yes

Automatic Repeater Offset (VHF) Yes

Built-in Packet TNC 1200/9600 bps Yes, , KISS TNC

Built-in GPS Yes

Built-in microSD/SDHC Yes

Built-in micro-USB Yes, , USB Serial, USB Audio Output, Mass Storage

Built-in Bluetooth Yes, , HSP, SPP

Clock Yes, , Time/Date Function

CTCSS Encoder/Decoder Yes, , Choice of 50 tones

CW Band Width Yes

CW Pitch Frequency Yes

CW Reverse Yes


DCS Encoder/Decoder Yes, , Choice of 104 digital tones

Detect Signal Output Yes

Direct Frequency Entry Yes

DTMF Memory Yes, , 10 channels, 16 digits

Dual Receive Yes, , VHFxUHF, VHFxVHF or UHFxUHF

ECHOLINK Memory Dialer Channels Yes

Firmware Upgradeable via USB Port Yes

FM Radio Yes

Front Panel KeyPad Yes

High-Quality Front Speaker Yes

IF 12 kHZ Output Yes, , to USB Audio, 2-pin Jack

Key Beep On/Off Yes

Key Lock Yes

LCD Background Color Yes, , B/W

Memory Channel Lock-out Yes

Memory Channels with Alpha-tagging 1000 Memory Channels

Memory Shift Function Yes

Menu System for individual set-up Yes

Meter Type Yes, , 3 types

Monitor Function Yes

Multiple Scan Functions Yes

Multi-scroll Key Yes

Packet Operation - AX25 and KISS Mode Yes, , KISS mode only

PC Programmable Memories Yes

PC Radio Control Program (Option) Yes

Power-On Message Yes

Programmable Function Keys Yes, , 2 keys (PF1, PF2)

QSO Log Yes

RX Audio Equalizer Yes, , 5 bands

Selectable Repeater Offsets Yes

Separate Squelch for A and B Bands Yes

SSB/CW/AM Reception Yes

SSB Hi-cut Filter Yes

AM Hi-cut Filter Yes

Simultaneous 2 frequency RX Yes

Time-Out Timer Yes

TX Audio Equalizer Yes, , 4 bands

TX/RX Audio Recording Yes, , microSD/SDHC

USB Port Yes, , built-in Micro-USB Port


Voice Message Memory Yes

Voice Guidance Yes

Wide/Narrow Deviation Selection Yes

Wide Band Reception Yes

Amateur Portable Specification

RF Output Power - 13.8 V Yes

RF Output Power (approx.) - High 5 W

RF Output Power (approx.) - Mid 2 W

RF Output Power (approx.) - Low 0.5 W

RF Output Power (approx.) - E. Low 0.05 W

Frequency Range - RX - VHF 136 - 174 MHz

Frequency Range - RX - UHF 410 - 470 MHz

Frequency Range - Band-B RX: 0.1 - 76, 76 - 108 MHz (WFM)

108 - 524 MHz

Frequency Range - TX - VHF 144 - 146 MHz

Frequency Range - TX - UHF 430 - 440 MHz

Mode TX: F3E, F2D, F1D, F7W

RX: F3E, F2D, F1D, F7W, J3E, A3E, A1A

Frequency Stability +/- 2.0 ppm

13.8 V DC-In Facility Yes, (use PG-2W or PG-3J)

Antenna Impedance - 50 Ohm Yes

Microphone Impedance 2 kOhm

Operating Temperature Range -10 °C to +50 °C with standard battery

Operating Voltage DC-IN: DC 11.0 - 15.9 V (STD: DC 13.8 V)

BATT: DC 6.0 - 9.6 V (STD: DC 7.4 V)

Receiver Circuitry F3E, F2D, F1D, F7W: Double Super Heterodyne

J3E, A3E, A1A: Triple Super Heterodyne

Receiver Intermediate Frequency - Band-A - 1st IF 57.15 MHz

Receiver Intermediate Frequency - Band-A - 2nd IF 450 kHz

Receiver Intermediate Frequency - Band-B - 1st IF 58.05 MHz

Receiver Intermediate Frequency - Band-B - 2nd IF 450 kHz

Receiver Intermediate Frequency - Band-B - 3rd IF J3E, A3E, A1A: 10.8 kHz

Receiver Sensitivity - Main & Sub Bands Amateur Band


FM / NFM 144 MHz Band-A: 0.18 / 0.22 uV

FM / NFM 144 MHz Band-B: 0.19 / 0.24 uV

FM / NFM 430 MHz Band-A: 0.18 / 0.22 uV

FM / NFM 430 MHz Band-A: 0.20 / 0.25 uV

DV PN9 / GMSK 4.8 kbps, BER 1% 144 MHz Band-A: 0.20 uV / 0.22 uV

DV PN9 / GMSK 4.8 kbps, BER 1% 430 MHz Band-B: 0.22 uV / 0.24 uV

SSB 10 dB S/N Band-A: 0.16 uV

AM 10 dB S/N Band-B: 0.50 uV

Receiver Squelch Band-A: 0.18 uV

Band-B: 0.25uV

Receiver Spurious Rejection 144 MHz - Band-A: 50 dB or more

430 MHZ - Band-A: 50 dB or more

144 MHz - Band-B: 45 dB or more

430 MHz - Band-B: 40 dB or more

Receiver IF Rejection Band-A: 60 dB or more

Band-B: 55 dB or more

Receiver Channel Selectivity -6 dB: 12 kHz or more

-50 dB: 30 kHz or less

Receiver Audio Output 7.4 V, 10% Dist.

400 mW or more / 8 Ohm

Transmitter Maximum Frequency Deviation FM: +/- 5.0 kHz

Transmitter Modulation FM: Reactance Modulation

DV: GMSK Reactance Modulation

Transmitter Modulation Deviation FM: +/- 5.0 kHz

NFM: +/- 2.5 kHz

Transmitter Spurious Emissions HI / MID: -60 dBc or less

L: -50 dBc or less

EL: -40 dBc or less

Dimensions W x H x D

with KNB-75L: 56.0 x 119.8 x 33.9 mm

with KNB-74L: 56.0 x 119.8 x 29.3 mm

with KBP-9: 56.0 x 119.8 x 36.0 mm

- Projections not included -

Weight (with battery) with KNB-75L: 345 g (w/ antenna, belt clip)

with KNB-74L: 315 g (w/ antenna, belt clip)

with KBP-9: 360 g (w/ antenna, belt clip, AAAx6 battery)

APRS Features

Alert on Special Call Yes

APRS Data Output Yes, , to a PC via the USB Port or Bluetooth

Auto Message Reply Yes

Decay Algorithm Yes

Message Memory Yes, , 100 Messages

New-N Paradigm Yes

Packet Data Output Yes, Yes, to a PC via the USB Port or Bluetooth

Proportional Pathing Yes

QSY Function Yes

Received Packet Data Pop-ups Yes

Relay Path Display Yes

SmartBeaconing ™ Yes

State/Section /Region Pathing Yes

Station List Memory Yes, , lists up to 100 Stations, with filtering and sorting options

TX Object, Item Packet Yes

User Phrases Yes

Visible Message Notifications Yes

D-STAR Features

DV Mode Yes

DV Fast Mode Yes, , USB Interface or Bluetooth

DR Mode Yes

Communication Mode Yes

Communication Mode - Direct Yes

Communication Mode - Single Repeater Yes

Communication Mode - Zone Yes

Communication Mode - Gateway Yes

Communication Mode - Refrector Yes

Repeater List, Import/Export Yes

Repeater Information Yes

Callsign List, Import/Export Yes

Near Repeater Stattion Select/Scan Yes

Access Repeater Select Yes

Gateway Route Select Yes

Select TO Station Yes

TX Message Yes

GPS TX Mode Yes

GPS Sentense TX Select Yes

GPS Auto TX for Target Station Yes

Detect FM on DV Mode Yes

RX Popup Message Yes

Direct Reply Yes

Standby Beep Yes

Code SQ Yes

Auto Reply Yes

Auto Reply Voice Select Yes


RX History Yes

TX History Yes

Late Entry Receive Yes

Packet Loss Display Yes


Digital Monitor (MONI Key) Yes

Car Chank Display Yes

Applicable Standards

IP54 Yes

IP55 Yes