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Icom communication

Welcome to the Icom radio products pages. Here, you'll find links for covering HF-VHF-UHF. In addition, specific models mentioned in the radio forum Like two way radio transceivers, scanner/receivers and radio systems for Private Mobile/ business Two Way Radio (PMR/ PBR), Amateur radio and more are here for future reference. Icom radio equipment sold here, We update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in Radio products and design.

icom MB-98 Belt Clip for IC-R20

The MB-98 Belt Clip for IC-R20, Belt Clip for IC-R20 (Spare) Alligator type, same as supplied. Read more

Icom FAB-2AR (Spare) Antenna for IC-T3H

The FAB-2AR (Spare) Antenna for IC-T3H (Spare) Antenna for IC-T3H. Read more

Icom BC-123SE Two Pin European Plug Adaptor for...

Icom BC-123SE Two Pin European Plug Adaptor for BC-139May fit others depending on compatibility, Same as BC-06UK! Read more

Icom AD-101 Charger Adaptor for BC-119N/121N

Charger adapter for use with BC-119N/121N charger adapter (BP-209/210/211/222) Read more

Icom FA-S27U UHF antenna

Icom FA-S27U UHF antenna for 400-474MHz, ATEX approved. Read more

Icom FA-S57US UHF antenna

Icom FA-S57US UHF antenna for 450-490MHz, ATEX approved. Read more

Icom OPC-609 separation cable

Icom OPC-609 separation cable, 1.9 metres, Needs RMK1 Read more

Icom LC-152A Leatherette Carry Case for IC-E90

LC-152A Leatherette Carry Case for IC-E90 Leatherette Carry Case for IC-E90 Read more

Icom OPC-782 Plug adapter cable

The Icom OPC-782 plug adapter cable. Read more

Icom AD-106 charger adapter

The Icom AD-106 charger adapter for BC-119N/121N Read more

Icom MB-105A Front Panel Mounting Bracket for I...

Icom MB-105A Front Panel Mounting Bracket for IC-7000For Mounting the detached front panel. Read more

icom BC-145SE 2-pin UK AC mains adapter

AC adapter for BC-119N, BC-144, BC-191, etcUK ADAPTOR Read more

Icom FA-S61V Replacement Antenna For GM-1600

The Icom FA-S61V Replacement Antenna For GM-1600 Read more

Icom BC-147SE 2 Pin Euro Power Supply For BC-173

Icom BC-147SE 2 Pin Euro Power Supply For BC-173, Genuine Icom part. May work with other chargers Read more

Icom MBA-8 Controller Bracket

Icom MBA-8 Controller Bracket controller bracket for ID-4100. Read more

icom CP-23L cigarette lighter cable

Icom CP-23L Cigarette Lighter Cable, Cigarette Lighter Cable (For use with BC-191, BC-193, BC-219/N, BC-225 or BC-227). Read more

Icom MBA-1 For IC-7100.

The Icom MBA-1 For IC-7100 Controller, Bracket for the Icom IC-7100 radio. Read more

icom MBA-2 : Controller Bracket

The Icom MBA-2 Controller Bracket For the MBF-1 Suction Cup Mounting Bracket. Read more

Icom FA-SC73US stubby antenna

The Icom FA-SC73US stubby antenna for 450-490MHz. Read more

Icom FA-S63VS VHF antenna

The Icom FA-S63VS VHF antenna for 160-174MHz, ATEX approved Read more

icom FA-S62VS VHF stubby antenna

The VHF FA-S62VS stubby antennas is designed for the IC-F51, IC-F61 and IC-M87 transceivers. These antennas have been developed in response to customer requests for a shorter length antenna to match the compact dimensions of the IC-F51/F61 and IC-... Read more

Icom LC-174 case

LC-174 Carry case. Can be used with all battery packs and battery case for the IC-T70E, IC-V80E and the IC-F3002 Series. Picture shows with a radio (radio not included) Read more