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HY-GAIN Antennas products

Welcome to the HY-GAIN Antennas products page. Here, you'll find links for high gain antennas covering hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Antennas forum Like HY-GAIN Antennas product including beams antennas, headsets,and more are here for future reference. Amateur radio HY-GAIN Antennas products sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in HY-GAIN Antennas products design.

Hy-gain 10-20m Vertical 1500W AV-12-AVQ

The Hy-gain AV-12-AVQ Hy-gain 10-15-20m Vertical 1500W, A completely self-supporting tri band vertical antenna. It delivers exceptionally low angle radiation with 1.5:1 VSWR or less on all three bands. Includes all stainless steel hardware and SO-... Read more

HY-GAIN 2m/70cm Vertical 3dBi/5dBi Gain N-type ...

The V-42R 2m/70cm Vertical 3dBi/5dBi Gain N-type 200W 9ft long V-42R is independently tunable at 144 and 440 MHz. Fed through one coax cable, it has sets of ¼ wave radials which properly decouple ⅝ wave radiators from the mast. Gives 5 dBd gain... Read more

Hy-Gain QK-710 Optional Add Kit for hy-gain EXP...

Quad band option kit for 30 or 40 m for the Explorer 14 antenna, Read more

hygain ATM-65 11-section Portable Aluminium Mas...

The ATM-65 is an 11-section multi-purpose aluminum telescopic pole that can be used for vertical antennas or as a mast. Length is 64 feet when fully extended. Only 6 feet long when fully collapsed without clamps. Great for portable or temporary an... Read more

Hy-gain V-6R 6m Vertical 5.2dBi Gain SO-239 500...

The hygain V-6R-51-54mhz / 5.2 dBi / 500 Watts / 80 mph /1.5-2.25 /25 ft. 3 in.weight 15 pounds Read more

Hy-gain 10-40m Vertical 1500W AV-14-AVQ

The Hygain AV-14-AVQ 10-15-20-40m Vertical 1500W, A self-supporting, automatic band switching vertical that delivers outstanding performance with exceptional L/C ratio and a very low angle of radiation pattern. Includes all stainless steel hardwar... Read more

HYGAIN 70cm 31-el beam 2kW N-type-UB-7031DX

UB-7031DX HYGAIN 70cm 31-el beam 2kW N-type, UHF Beam. 420 to 438 MHz. 31 Elements. Read more

HYGAIN Oscar Link 16el beam 144-148MHz- VB-216SAT

The VB-216SAT HYGAIN Oscar Link 16el beam 144-148 MHz, Oscar Link 16-el Beam 144-148 MHz 200W 13.7dBi Gain. Hy-Gain\'s OSCAR antennas are complete with the necessary phasing lines, relays and hardware. It includes left and right circularity switch... Read more

HYGAIN 2m 15-el beam 2kW N-type - VB-215DX

VB-215DX HYGAIN 2m 15-el beam 2kW N-type 15 ELEMENTS 144-146 MHZ BEAM HORIZONTALLY 14.2 DBD Specs: Frequency: 144.0 - 146.0. Gain dBd: 14.2 dBd. Pwr Input: 2 kW PEP. Wind Area: 2.75 square feet. Elements: 15. Boom Length: 27.88. Weight:... Read more

Hy-gain LJ-153BA 15m 3ele beam

LJ-153BA Hy-gain 15m beam 1.5kW 3.6m boom 3 elements 15 Meters, Three Elements. Feeds with 50 Ohm coax, BetaMatch, 5.7 dBd gain. BN-4000 Balun recommended. Stainless steel hardware and clamps. Read more

Hy-gain DIS-71 30-40m Rotatable Dipole

The DIS-71 Discoverer rotatable dipole of low weight and wind surface area easily fits most existing beam installations. This antenna can be tuned to either 30 or 40 meters with a front to side ratio of 30 dB for a fast, expansion of band capabi... Read more


The VHB-246 Tri-beam has 3 elements on 6M/2M and 5 elements on 440 MHz. 144/440 MHz are mounted at right angles to the 6M beam -- lets antenna be oriented for optimum 6M SSB/CW and 2M/440 MHz. Coax feed points for 6M and 2M/440 MHz Read more

Hygain 80-10m Dipole 94ft long - DP-5BDQ

The DP-5BDQ 80-10m Dipole 94 feet max length. Designed for horizontal or inverted "V" rated at legal power. Individually pre tuned matched traps for each band, 50 Ohm feed, coaxial cable not included. Read more

HYGAIN 6m 6-el beam 1.5kW N-type - VB-66DX

The VB-66DX features a concept in beam construction that provides actual delivered performance equalling maximum theoretical gain. The 6 element VB-66DX increases the gain to an unprecedented 10.3 dB VB-66DX HYGAIN 6m 6-el beam 1.5kW N-type , 6-ME... Read more

Hy-gain 10-80m Vertical 1500W AV-18-AVQ-II

The AV-18-AVQ-II Hy-gain 10-15-20-40-80m Vertical 1500W,The classic is back with improved design including three separate air dielectric Hy-Q traps for 10 through 40 Meters 1.5 kW PEP. A loading coil and an effective radiator is used for 80 meters... Read more

Hy-gain LJ-105CA 10m 5ele beam

LJ-105CA Hy-gain 10m beam 1.5kW 7.3m boom 5 elements. 10 Meters, Five Elements, Exclusive 50 Ohm BetaMatch. Excellent DC Ground. Stainless steel hardware and clamps. BN-4000 Balun recommended. Read more

HYGAIN AV-6110 160/80M 43 VERT. HIGH EFF. MATCH...

The AV-6110 improves efficiency on 160 and 80 Meters for the popular new 43 foot all band vertical antennas by eliminating SWR-related coax and unun mismatch losses. When fed with a 1:4 unun, the 43’ antenna has a reasonable compromise SWR on 6... Read more

Hy-Gain AR-40X Light Duty Rotator

The AR-40X is for large FM-TV and compact communication antenna arrays up to 3 square feet wind load area. Dual 12 ball bearing race is exclusive to its class. Automatic position sensor never needs resetting. Fully automatic control -- just dial a... Read more


The Hy-Gain YRC-3X Digital Rotator Controllers includes a large built in LCD screen that indicates beam heading. There are also indicators for manual and computer-controlled beam heading selection and manual rotation controls. Settings in memory i... Read more

hy-gain Patriot Vertical HF Antenna - AV-620

AV-620 Hy-gain Patriot Vertical HF Antenna* Bands: 20, 17, 15, 12, 10, 6m * Power: 1.5kW * Gain: 3dBi nominal * Vertical angle: 17 degs * 2:1 SWR Bandwidth 20m 500kHz, 17m 500kHz, 15m 500kHz, 12m 500kHz, 10m 1.5MHz, 6m 3MHz * VSWR: < ... Read more

Hy-Gain 10-80m Vertical - DX-88

The DX-88 offers coverage of all the HF bands of 80 through to 10m. The key design features are the adjustable capacitors that eliminate many of the tuning problems found with other verticals. The DX-88 handles the maximum legal power on all bands... Read more

Hy-Gain TH-3JRS HF Tri-Bander

TH-3JRS Hy-Gain Thunderbird Tri-Bander 600W * Bands: 10,15, 20m * Elements: 3 * Power rating: 600W (PEP) * Forward gain: 5.8 dBd (av) * Front to back ratio: 25dB (av) * VSWR: 1.2:1 (typical) * Boom length: 12ft * Longest element: 2... Read more

hygain AV-6160 43ft Vertical 160m - 6m self-sup...

AV-6160 43ft Vertical 160m - 6m self-supporting This HyGain AV-6160 is a 43-foot selfsupporting vertical antenna that covers 160 through 6 Meters with the use of an antenna tuner.It weighs just 20 lbs. and has a wind load of just 2 square feet. Th... Read more

Hy-gain DIR-73K Add-on Director Kit for DIR-72

DIR-73K Hy-gain Add-on Director Kit for DIR-72 Add-on Director Kit for DIR-72 to make 3 element beam Read more