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Welcome to the heil-headset-adapters page. Here, you'll find links for heil-headset and adapters covering hf-vhf-uhf accessories. In addition, specific models mentioned in the heil-headset-adapters forum Like Ham Radio Headsets and more are here for future reference. Amateur radio Headsets sold here, we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in heil-headset design.For heil headset adapters-heilsound-accessories and more include microhone adaptor, XLR connection lead. foot switch or headset adaptor, you can find it all here,

Heil PL-2T Heil Superior Balance Studio Mic. Boom

The Heil PL-2T Superior Balance Studio Mic. Boom,Superior balanced studio microphone boom with open top access. Makes adjustment very easy. The spring loaded arm is balanced to 453.5g (1lb). The clamp provided will clamp to almost any surface and ... Read more

Heil Bluetooth Adaptor

Heil Bluetooth Adaptor After a long process to design a proper wireless system, we bring to you a pair of simple devices with one connecting into any of our 3 pin balanced XLR microphones (PR 20, PR 22, PR 781, etc) and the receiver connected to ... Read more

Heil USBQ Microphone Preamp

The Heil USBQ brings professional quality, low noise microphone pre amplification complete with two band shelving equalization, on-board headphone amplifier and D/A converter in a compact, portable package. Not just an adapter, but a true single ... Read more

Heil CB-1PTT Heil Optional Base for Heritage St...

The CB-1 PTT is a heavy, polished-chrome base stand that is an ideal foundation for the Heritage and other Heil Sound microphones. The CB-1 PTT includes a "Soft Touch" Push-To-Talk (PTT) switch on the base that may be utilized as a "Cough Switch" ... Read more


Standard Mic clip for the PR30, PR31, PR40 and PR781 Microphone. Cast Metal 5/8-27 thread stand. Read more

Heil HB-1 Articulated Boom

The HB-1 is an articulated arm which is of very substantial steel channel structure and balanced by four external springs. Capable of supporting microphones up to 2.5 lbs, the HB-1 has a reach of 40". The HB-1 is shipped with a brass lined 'C' cla... Read more


Full Range Dynamic element for Pro7 Headset Read more


Full Range iC Electret element for Pro7 headset Read more


DX Narrow element for Pro7 headset. Read more

Heil HW-50 Heil Wire for Mics 4-core (50ft)

HW-50 Heil Wire for Mics 4-core (50ft) Heil Wire for Mics 4-core (50ft) long 18 gauge plus 100% silver screen. Read more

Heil SB-2 Small Adjustable Microphone Boom

The Heil Sound SB-2 Small Boom is ideal for mounting your Heil microphone in tight quarters. It is also ideal for interviews. Compact and yet rugged, the SB-2 Small Boom fits easily into many briefcases, allowing you to carry the SB-2, the mountin... Read more

Heil PRO-7 Coiled Replacement Cord

Replacement Coiled Cord for the PRO-7 Read more

Heil Sound PTT Foot Switch FS-2

The Heil FS-2 Foot switch has been ergonomically designed to require less effort to operate. The hinge is under your heel instead of away from your foot as with most other foot switches. It can control two devices from a single operation. The two ... Read more

Heil CC-1XLR-4 Heil 3-pin XLR

The Heil CC-1XLR-4 Heil 3-pin XLR socket to 3-pin XLR plug 1m long, cable with 3 pin male to 4 pin female. Read more

Heil Microphone CC Adapter Leads For Heil Micro...

High Quality, Genuine Heil Leads to Suit All, Please select the Version you need from the Drop Down Menu Above. CC-1 XLR K: 3 pin XLR to 8 pin Heil Stealth connector cable,CC-1 K: 8 pin female to 4 pin XLR female (8 feet), CC-1 KM: Modular to 4 pi... Read more

Heil PR-781 Hard travel case

The Heil PR-781 Hard travel case, RC-PR-781 ROAD-CASE hard carry case for PR-781. Read more

Heil HS-2 Ergonomic Hand Switch PTT

The Heil HS-2 Ergonomic Hand Switch PTT for all Heil microphones (non latching) Ergonomic Hand PTT switch plugs directly into AD-1 or CC-1 series of interfaces. Read more

Heil FS-3 single channel footswitch

The Heil FS 3 is a single channel foot switch to control the transmit/receive function of an amateur radio transceiver. An 8' shielded cable is terminated with a commercial 1/4" plug connects into the Heil CC-1 and AD-1 cable system. The hinge bar... Read more

ADMY-817 Heil 8-pin Plug to Modular FT817 Mic S...

This special adaptor converts the modular input of the Yaesu FT817 (and FT897) to the 8-pin male that mates with all the Yaesu AD- adaptors and CC-1 microphone connecting cables. The ADM-817 brings out the mic. audio, mic shield ground, PTT and PT... Read more

Heil Carrying Bag for Pro Set Series Boomset

Heil Carrying Bag for Pro Set Series Boomset.Heil Sound headset gear bags are the perfect accessories for your headsets, mics and cables when storing or on the go. Heil bags offer quality leatherette construction with a zipper closure, sturdy hand... Read more

Heil HSTA-IM Extra interface cable for Traveler...

The HSTA-IM Extra interface cable for Traveler IC-706 & iCM Mic, This lead now replaces the ADM-706 which is no longer manufactured. This allows the iCM mic to be used with the IC-706. Extra interface cable for Traveler IC-706. Read more

Heil HSTA-IHT Heil Interface cable for Traveler...

Unsure of which heil adapter lead? Click Heil Adapters for Heil headset and mic adapters HSTA-IHT Heil Interface cable for Traveler to Icom Handhelds Interface cable for Traveler to Icom handhelds Read more