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Yaesu Handheld transceiver Digital and Analog,

Welcome to the Yaesu Handheld transceiver Digital and Analog page. Here, you'll find links for Yaesu Handheld transceiver Digital and Analog, In addition, specific models mentioned in the Handheld radio forums Like yaesu,and more are here for future reference.Amateur Yaesu Handheld transceiver sold here. Digital and Analog Handheld transceiver, communications on the radio. When the digital communications are interrupted due to a weak signal, you can switch to the Analog mode and stay connected to the station you were communicating with 2m and 70cm handhelds.

Yaesu FT3DR/E Dual Band Digital Transceiver - F...


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The new FT3DE provides reliable 5W RF power output in compact design and light weight from factor - W62mm x H100mm x D32.5mm/ 282g. Battery power-saving settings are available for each frequency band with TX output power level (5W/ 2.5W/ 1W/ 0.3W)... Read more

Yaesu FT2DE Dual Band Digital Handheld Transceiver

PRICE DROP BEST BUY PRICE DROPS on the new and advanced FT2DE C4FM/FM 144/430MHz Dual Band Digital Handheld Transceiver. This Exciting leading edge transceiver is designed with ease of use in mind with a full back-lit touch panel display. The 1.7-... Read more

Yaesu FT-70DR/DE C4FM/FM 2m/70cm Dual Band Hand...

The new FT-70DR/DE is a compact and very attractively priced YAESU System Fusion transceiver providing both conventional analogue FM operation and the advanced C4FM digital mode. The FT-70DR/DE provides up to 5W of reliable RF power, and its large... Read more

Yaesu VX-6E Dual Band Handheld Transceiver

The Yaesu VX-6 dual band handheld is designed for use in the severest of weather conditions. The case, keypad, speaker and connectors are all sealed against water damage. Wideband receive coverage is from 500kHz to 900MHz, the VX-6E is ideal for m... Read more

Yaesu FT-65E VHF/UHF 2m/70cm Dual Band FM Hand...

The Yaesu FT-65E is very compact and light, yet ruggedly constructed. Three selectable output power settings – 5W, 2.5W and 0.5W. The big front speaker provides a full 1 Watt of powerful very crisp and clear audio in keeping with YAESU uncomprom... Read more

Yaesu FT-4XE 5W VHF/UHF FM Portable Transceiver

The FT-4XE Dual band VHF/UHF and the single band VHF FT-4VE share the same core feature set and are identical in appearance. The FT4XE and FT-4VE are the ultimate in compact design (W 52mm x H 90mm x D 30mm) handheld transceivers, providing up to ... Read more

Yaesu FT-25E VHF 5W FM Handheld Transceiver

The Yaesu FT-25E is a compact rugged VHF (2M) FM transceivers constructed to meet commercial grade specifications. It is packed with high performance and valuable features demanded by radio operators around the world.Compact Design measuring W 52... Read more