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KiwiSDR Kit - 10 kHz to 30 MHz Web Interface SDR
KiwiSDR Kit - 10 kHz to 30 MHz Web Interface SDR
KiwiSDR Kit - 10 kHz to 30 MHz Web Interface SDR
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KiwiSDR is a SDR (software defined radio) receiver for the entire frequency range from 10 kHz up to 30 MHz. The HF unit is installed on a Beaglebone single board computer (something like the Raspberry Pi). The distinct feature of the KiwiSDR is the built-in web interface (OpenWeb RX). No hassle with USB drivers, no need for extensive software installation, you just use your existing web browser (Chrome or Firefox). Just connect the SDR via Ethernet to your local network, hook up an antenna and power supply and fire up your browser. This makes the KiwiSDR very portable as it can be used with Windows, MacOS or Linux. The included GPS antenna is used for frequency calibration and time synchronisation. Up to four users can listen to any frequency in the entire spectrum range from 10 kHz to 30 MHz at the same time. The tuning is done by clicking in the waterfall display, or by entering the frequency directly into the user panel. When the local router is properly configured you can connect to your KiwiSDR from any place in the world. There are already many KiwiSDRs accessible at any time, see link below.

The software of the microcontroller and the hardware design are open source and freely available on kiwisdr.com/KiwiSDR.

The receiver is supplied at complete kit, consisting of both boards (KiwiSDR, Beaglebone Green), a ready to use MicroSD memory card with the software, parts for the case and a GPS antenna. All you need for instant operation is a 5V/1A power supply and an antenna. Size: 124 x 83 34 mm.

included in shipment:

Kiwi-SDR receiver

Beagle Bone Green

GPS Antenna

Software on Micro-SD card

Enclosure kit,assembly required