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wimo radio products
DX-Patrol MK3 SDR Receiver
wimo radio products
DX-Patrol MK3 SDR Receiver
£99.95 (£83.29 exc. VAT)
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Product code:DX-Patrol-MKIII3
Brand:wimo radio products

DX-Patrol MK3 SDR Receiver, Installation of the SDR receiver DX patrol is simple. It is recommended not to use the Windows USB drivers but those provided through the 'Zadig' installer. The most programs mentioned above are free software products, you will find installation instructions on the various websites of the program authors. Own software or drivers are not provided with the receiver. The connection to the computer is done with USB, a cable from USB-A connector to USB-Micro-B is required. This cable is not included. A short micro USB OTG cable is included. Android Operation Please note that not every smartphone or tablet computer is suitable for use with an OTG cable. The website of SDR Touch offers an incomplete list of compatible smartphones and tablet computer for use with OTG (english). We do use SDR Touch often to make tests with the DX Patrol and found that it works nicely. Please note that SDR Touch is not free, the full version does cost a few Euro. The free demo version is limited in it's functions.