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Diamond antenna | Products

Welcome to the diamond radio and antenna products page. Here, you'll find links for diamond radio products for hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the amateur radio forums like diamond antennas,power supplies , duplexers, coax switches vertical vhf-uhf antennas, hf base station antennas, and more are here for future reference. Amateur radio diamond radio products sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in diamond radio products design. Radioworld sell diamond antennas hf/vhf/uhf/23cms, diamond coax switches , diamond swr meters, diamond mobile mounts, handheld antennas, first rate ham radio shops.

Diamond CA-23RS/RP Spare Fuse Element

Spare Fuse Element for Diamond CA-23RS/RPLimited stock don't miss out! Read more

Diamond RH-771 2m/70cm bnc Long Helical

The Diamond RH-771 2m/70cm Long Helical 144/430MHz band antenna, 1/4 wave on 2m and 1/2 wave on 70cm. Ideal for dual band handheld transceivers with wideband receive. * Tx: 144/430MHz * Rx:120/150/300/450/800/900MHz * 10W Max power handling * 40cm... Read more

Diamond SRH-701 SMA 2m/70cm (Rx-118-900 MHz)

The SRH-701 Diamond SMA 2m/70cm (Rx-118-900 MHz) Flexible Whip 10W 19cm long. Read more

Diamond Antenna | SRH-771 | SMA 2m/70cm | Rx-1...

Diamond SRH771: 144/430MHz(2m/70cm) Length:40cm / Weight:38g, Gain:2.15dBi(430MHz) / Impedance:50ohms / Max.power rating:10W FM, Connector:SMA-P / 1/4wave(144MHz), 1/2wave (430MHz),120/150/300/450/900MHz for receiving only. Read more

Diamond CRM Mobile Whip Mount for Mirror or Roo...

CRM Mirror & Luggage Rack Mount Stainless steel right angle mount with U-bolt. Specifications: U-Bolt Capacity: 1 1/16" Connector: UHF (5/8" hole) Dimensions: 3 1/8" x 1 1/2" x 1 5/8"(w) x 1/8" (thick) Horizontal or vertical attachment to ... Read more

Diamond RH-17 430MHz 70cm.

The Diamond RH17: 430MHz (70cm) length:17cm / Weight:12g, Gain:2.15dBi / Max.power rating:10W FM / Impedance 50 ohms, Connector:BNC-P / Type:1/4wave, 300/450MHz for receiving. Read more

Diamond SRH-1, 2m antenna 2.5cm long

The SRH-1 SMA 2m antenna 2.5cm long, Ultra small sma fitting screws directly onto most sma fitted radios, Read more

Diamond ECH Cable Kit for Mobile Antenna

The Diamond Cable Kit for Mobile Antenna. Antenna cable assembly for Diamond mounts. Read more

Diamond RH-205: 144MHz 2m

The Diamond RH-205 -144MHz 2m telescopic whip.Length:134cm full length,23cm(retracted)10 stages / Weight:90g Impedance:50 ohms / Connector:BNC-P Type:5/8 wave full length,1/4wave(retracted),telescopic whip antenna. Read more

Diamond RH-775: 144/430MHz 2m/70cm

RH775: 144/430MHz 2m/70cm, Length:41cm(full length),14cm(retracted) 8 stages / Weight:35g, Gain:2.15dBi(430MHz) / Max.power rating:10W FM / Impedance:50 ohms, Connector:BNCP,type:1/4wave(144MHz),1/2,radilalless(430MHz),120/150/300/450/800/900MHz ... Read more

Diamond EC-H5 5MTR Mobile Cable Kit

Extra length 5m mobile cable kit suitable for most mobile mounts. Features: SO239 antenna socket, PL259 plug fitted. Read more

Diamond NR-2m 50cm long

2m small mobile antenna,so-239, 50cm long, 1/4 λ , 200 W Read more

Diamond KLR Rooftop Railing Mount Bracket (suit...

KLR Diamond Rooftop Railing Mount Bracket (suits 3-sided rail bar type) Rooftop Railing Mount Bracket (suits 3-sided rail bar type) for K9000 Motorised Mobile Antenna. Read more

Diamond M285S 2m 5/8 Mobile antenna

Buy a M285S Diamond 2m 5/8 The classic 144MHz single band antenna that has sold in its thousands. Its simple design and low profile offer a combination of good gain and low cost.* Band 144 MHz * 3.4dB * 200W max * Non fold down whip * Base PL-259 ... Read more

Diamond RH-536 2m/70cm Long Super Flexible antenna

The RH-536 Diamond 2m/70cm Long Super Flexible dual band antenna that provides good performance and efficiency. It also offers receive capabilities on a number of bands. * Tx: 144 & 430MHz * Rx: 120/150/300/450/800/900MHz * 10W Max power han... Read more

Diamond SRHF-10 SMA 2m/70cm flexible whip

The Diamond SRHF10:144/430MHz (2m/70cm) Air band/150/300/450/800/900MHz receiving only, Length:75mm / Weight:20g, Frequency:144/430MHz (2m/70cm), Air and/150/300/450/800/900MHz receiving only. Max.power rating:6W, Impedance:50ohms / Connector: SM... Read more

Diamond RHF-40 2m/70cm Flexible Wideband Antenn...

The RHF-40 Diamond 2m/70cm Flexible Wideband Antenna SMA with BNC adaptor, A flexible dual band DX antenna that keeps its shape when bent. It also offers wideband receiving capabilities * Tx: 144 , 430MHz - Gain 2.15dBi * Rx: Only 120, 150, 300, 4... Read more

Diamond KRR Rooftop Railing Mount Bracket

KRR Diamond Rooftop Railing Mount Bracket Rooftop Railing Mount Bracket for K9000. Read more

Diamond KRS Roof Side luggage rack Mount Bracke...

The Diamond KRS Roof Side luggage rack Mount Bracket for K9000."Bracket only" Read more

Diamond SRH-805 2m/70cm SMA Low Profile Helical

The diamond 2m/70cm SMA Low Profile Helical Extremely low profile, yet provides transmit (Tx) capability on three bands and offers useful wideband reception, also for use with scanners. Suitable for Horas, Standards and Yaesu. Tx: 144, 430 & ... Read more

Diamond SRHF-40A 2m/70cm flexible whip 10W 40cm...

The SRHF-40A SMA 2m/70cm flexible whip 10W 40cm long Length:40cm / Weight:40g Gain:215 dBi(430MHz) / Max Power Rating:10W FM / Impedance:50O Connector:SMA / Type:1/4?(144MHz),1/2? radialless(430MHz),120/150/300/450/900MHz receiving only Read more

Diamond MC-101 142cm 137-174MHz Mobile Antenna

Commercial Mobile Antenna With Cutting Chart Frequency : 137 - 174MHz Gain : 3.4dBMax.power rating: 200W(SSB)Connector : MPLength : 1m - 1.4m Read more

Diamond MC-202 54cm 360-520MHz Mobile Antenna

Diamond MC-202 54cm 360-520MHz Mobile Antenna | Commercial Mobile Antenna With Cutting Chart | Frequency : 360-520MHz | Gain : 3.4dB | Max.power rating : 200W(FM) | Connector : MP | Length : 0.54-0.34m. Read more


SMA 2m & 70cm whip 19.5cm long. Receive 120 / 150 / 300 / 450 / 900MHz Read more