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Chameleon Antenna
CHA QUAD ONE Antenna Base
Chameleon Antenna
CHA QUAD ONE Antenna Base
£169.96 (£141.63 exc. VAT)
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Product code:CHA QUAD ONE
Brand:Chameleon Antenna

CHA QUAD ONE (Ham Sticks Not Included)

Turn your ham-sticks into 2-dipoles, with the CHA QUAD ONE Antenna Base. No band switching required!

The QUAD is an innovative, antenna system enclosed in a weather-proof, die-cast aluminum case, using Lap joint construction, to provide protection against dust and rain; while providing excellent EMI/RFI shielding.


The QUAD’s octagon enclosure, uses 4 x 3/8-24” solid-brass connectors, to accommodate up to four ham stick type antennas. Each set of Ham Stick antennas, form one-matched (dipole) pair; for one of two-bands; Positioned around a central hub.

Fed with 50-Ohm coax, the coax center-conductor, is connected to 4 antennas, one for each side of the dipole; while the shield is connected to the adjacent four antennas. Only the dipole tuned for the band in use will radiate. These dipoles will typically exhibit between 1 - 2 S-Units of directivity.


The CHA QUAD ONE, comes completely assembled, tested, and ready for service. Included are detailed instructions, to assist the customer in achieving the most performance from their installation.