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Buddipole HF portable antenna

Welcome to the Buddipole HF portable antenna USA Antenna page. Here, you'll find links for high gain antennas covering hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Antennas forum Like portable hf antennas, Hf loops are here for future reference. Amateur radio Antenna sold here, We update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in antenna design. High quality USA Made Antennas, Ideal for all parts of the ham radio world.HF portable dipole antenna system, home of the Buddipole an hf/vhf portable dipole antenna system which is designed to maximise gain with portability, ‎Buddipole, Deluxe Package - ‎Antenna Accessories - ‎Accessories - ‎For Buddipole.

Buddipole Mini Banana Plug Leads

New IMPROVED mini Banana plugs. These are used on our mini (4"), standard (6"), and low band coils (9"). The plug is a mini-banana plug. They are available in4", 6", and 9" lengths, black or red. Price is for 1 each.Made in U.S.A. Read more

Buddipole Coax Cable BNC End Caps

BNC End Caps for Buddipole Coax Cable Milspec. Read more

Buddipole Wire Line Winder

Our wire line winders can be used with any size wire or cord (when making guying kits for example). These line winders are made from a black nylon material reinforced with fiberglass fill. They are exceptionally strong yet lightweight. The series ... Read more

Buddipole W3-CWA Counterpoise Wire Adapter

The Buddipole W3-CWA Counterpoise Wire Adapter, Our improved counterpoise wire adapter (CWA) has a steel dowel pin which allows for easy insertion and removal in the field without the use of any tools. After you try it once you'll agree that it ma... Read more

Buddipole Knurled Whip Sleeve

We now have knurled base sleeves for the standard, featherweight, and long telescopic whips. These sleeves dramatically increase the strength of the base section and really help to prevent the base from working loose from repeated stress resulting... Read more

Buddipole Centre Tee Adaptor

One of the cheapest and best masts available for the Buddipole is a typical "painter's pole" found at most building supplies stores.After years of wrapping black plastic tape around the Acme threads of these painters' poles, we have finally decide... Read more

Buddipole IT Collar

The IT Collar is used to keep an antenna arm from twisting when connected to our Versatee. This is most useful when making our mini-yagis for 2m, 6m, 10m, 12m, and 15m. Without the IT Collars the weight of the antenna elements will gradually unthr... Read more

Buddipole Featherweight Telescopic Whips

These telescopic whips are used to make our homebrew Buddipole or Buddistick antennas. Extended length is 72" and collapsed length is 13". The base is 1/4" x 20 threads. We now are double-crimping the bases for added durability.We also make a knur... Read more

Buddistick W3-BMA to-Mast Adapter

This adapter threads onto the top of any of our masts (1/2" pipe threads). The mounting plate that comes with the Buddistick is then placed on top of the 1/4" brass stud and secured with the soft-touch knob (included with Buddistick). Read more

Buddipole Replacement BNC Pigtail for TRSB Balun

Buddipole Replacement BNC Pigtail for TRSB Balun, enuine Buddipole replacement part, The TRSB comes with BNC female connectors on both ends. Included with the balun is an adapter with 2 mini-banana jack leads (to plug right into the Buddipole cent... Read more

Buddipole IT Adapter

Our IT Adapter was originally made for our "Inverted Tee" configuration. Since then we have used this item to configure several other antennas, including 2 and 3 element mini-beams on 2m, 6m, and 10m. Each side has standard 3/8" x 24 threads. The ... Read more

Buddipole Standard Telescopic Whip

These are rugged, custom-made brass (not aluminum!) telescopic whips that extend to 66" and collapse to just 13". The base is standard 3/8-24 threaded brass which is reinforced for durability. Copper sleeves are used between tubes for conductivity... Read more

Buddipole Extra Coil Clips (3)

These are extra coil clips that are used as replacements or just to make it easier to change bands without having to move the clips. Buddipole have these manufactured to precise dimensions by a company that makes heart catheters and other micro-si... Read more

Buddipole in the Field WS-BIF

A new book written by a long time Buddipole user who puts forth his ideas on maximizing the potential of the Buddipole antenna system in the field. (Paperback, 154 pages).From the ForewordOne person who has been instrumental in adding to the knowl... Read more

Buddipole Counterpoise Wire Assembly

These wire assemblies are used for multiple purposes, including use as a wire counterpoise for our vertical antennas, as well as wire off the ends of our coils for the NVIS setups (see manual under "documentation" on left navigation bar). The line... Read more

Buddipole W3-XAA Extra Antenna Arm

The W3-XAA Extra Antenna Arm,Made from a thin, ultra-strong aluminum alloy these antenna arms now come standard with our Buddipole or Buddistick antennas. We sometimes stack these arms together off the Buddipole centre tee to increase the overall ... Read more

Buddipole Long Telescopic Whip

These whips are longer in length -- nearly 10 feet overall! This is an additional 4 feet extra over the standard whips. Used with our Buddipole the overall length of the antenna increases from 16 feet to 24 feet. This additional length increases b... Read more

Buddipole Vertical Antenna Clamp

This new clamp is superb for mounting the Buddistick (or any small vertical antenna) onto a picnic bench, apartment railing, or hotel window sill. The clamp is designed to allow the antenna to quickly adjust to any angle with a quick turn of the k... Read more

Buddipole feeder Coaxial Cable - MILSPEC

These are premium, made in USA MILSPEC-17 coaxial cables with custom injection-molded strain reliefs and captive weatherproof end caps. We designed the overmolded strain reliefs with retention slots to hold a Velcro one-wrap strap (included) which... Read more

Buddistick Tripod

This lightweight tripod collapses to only 7" and fits nicely into our Buddistick Portfolio bag. The adjustable head is particularly handy when setting up the Buddistick™ (or any small vertical antenna) on uneven or steep terrain. The legs can be... Read more

Buddipole Choke Balun

This choke balun is used at the feedpoint of our Buddipole antenna to provide isolation from common mode current running back down on the coax shield. The choke balun has mini-banana plug leads on the top to feed the Versatee. The bottom is a BNC ... Read more

Portfolio Bag carrying bag for both the Buddis...

This is our carrying bag for both the Buddistick and Mini-Buddipole antennas. The dimensions are 14.5" wide and 9" high. Read more

Buddipole Lightweight Shock-cord Whip Antenna

These shock-cord whips are custom made by us to be extremely rugged yet lightweight. These are the same whips that we sell to our military customers who are using these in harsh conditions and need a reliable and quickly deployable solution.Materi... Read more