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Posted date: 15th February 2018

Yaesu Cashback Now on!

With the World Radiosport Team Championship to commence on the 12th July 2018 - 16th July 2018, Yaesu have released their much anticipated Cashback Programme. With Cashback Incentives from £45.00 to £270.00 on selected items. This is the ideal time to purchase a Yaesu Radio giving you Cashback as well as many of our own deals still coinciding with some of these products including our Free GIfts and Free Shipping. There really is no better time to buy.

Cashback Entitlements are on -

FTDX5000MP Cashback - £270.00

FTDX3000D Cashback - £90.00

FTDX1200 Cashback £90.00

FT-991A Cashback - £90.00

FT-891 Cashback - £70.00

M-1 Cashback - £90.00

M-100 Cashback - £45.00

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