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Posted date: 20th July 2018

NHS Amateur Radio Station GB1NHS

GB1NHS is the National Health Service amateur radio station. It was founded by Paul Devlin G1SMP from the NHS Emergency Care Intensive Support Team. The station was licensed by Ofcom on 5th April 2018.The aim of the station is to promote, through the medium of amateur radio, NHS initiatives that lead to patients receiving excellent care, faster recovery and living longer healthier lives.The idea for the station came about as a result of a conversation between Professor Brian Dolan from Health Service 360, Pete Gordon and Paul Devlin from the NHS Emergency Care Intensive Support Team. They wanted to increase focus and boost the social movement for an initiative called end pyjama paralysis. Pete and Brian often say that success comes from putting initiatives into the hands of the many by creating social movements.Paul introduced the concept of amateur radio and suggested that it could significantly help promote the #EndPJparalysis initiative through holding special events and working alongside hospital radio stations. The link to hospital radio was the brilliant idea of Pete Sipple, licensed radio amateur and Chairman of Southend Hospital Radio Station. Pete and Brian were overwhelmed with the idea and thanks to them GB1NHS is here today.Amateur radio has never had a greater opportunity to improve the lives of millions of people by becoming part of the NHS and promoting the work of NHS Improvement.

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