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Begali morse keys
Begali Camelback Straight Morse Key
Begali Camelback Stright Morse Key
Begali morse keys
Begali Camelback Straight Morse Key
£149.95 (£124.96 exc. VAT)
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Product code:B-Camelback
Brand:Begali morse keys

The camelback shape for a straight key dates back more than 150 years. Charles Chubbock in 1848, Thomas Hall, and Chester Brothers in New York produced some of the earliest keys with the characteristic “hump”. This key was inspired by the beauty of that shape, although it does not try to replicate any of the classical designs ( unlike our Postal Key, which is a faithful replica of a classical key of about the same era as the earliest camelbacks) Most old camelback designs have the hump located before the pivot to shift the mass more towards the knob. Our design puts the hump right at the pivot for a very elegant fluid design.

The Camelback shares the same very heavy - about 3.5 pounds - cast iron base with the Postal Key which lets it sit rock steady on your table. All other parts are gold plated for corrosion resistance and a finish of timeless beauty, and the contacts are 925/000 silver. One unique aspect of our design is the use of precision bearings and the placement of the spring behind and very close to the pivot. This places most of the moving mass in front of the spring and provides for effortless keying even at high speeds. This key, although it looks the part, is anything but old fashioned and is based on ergonomic and dynamic principles that are thoroughly modern. Whatever your keying style and ability is, you will find that this key can be adjusted to bring out your full potential. And if your fist has got a bit QLF over the years this key will still make a beautiful statement in your showcase.