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AOR scanners and communications receivers

Welcome to the Aor Scanners and Communications Receivers Page. Here, You'll Find Links for Aor Scanners and Communications Receivers Covering Hf-vhf-uhf. In Addition, Specific Models Mentioned in the Scanners and Communications Receivers Forum Like Aor Scanners and Communications Receivers, Antennas,and More Are Here for Future Reference. Aor Scanners and Communications Receivers Sold Here, we Update Our Stocks to Keep in Touch With Modern Improvements in Aor Scanners and Communications Receivers Design. Aor are leading manufacturer of communications receivers for amateur and professional users, from scanners to high end communications receivers,

AOR AR-6000 wideband communications receiver

The AOR AR6000 wideband communications receiver covers 40 kHz to 6000 MHz continuousely in: USB, LSB, CW, Wide FM, Narrow FM, AM and AM Synchronous modes. APCO P-25 mode is available optionally. 2000 Alpha memories store frequency, mode, step, de... Read more

AOR AR5700D Digital Communications Receiver

Aor ar5700d digital communications receiver, advanced digital communications receiver, 9 khz-3700 mhz analogue & digital modes, 10 digital modes : tetra, p25(phase 1+2),dmr, mototrbo,dpmr,nxdn,d-cr,d-star, alinco, yaesu. Automatic detection of... Read more

AOR AR-ONE All Mode Wide-band Rx

The AOR AR-ONE this is the high performance wide band receiver from AOR with an extended frequency range of 3.3GHz. Surveillance operations are enhanced. Monitoring multiple frequencies is easier and faster, and computer control gives you maximum ... Read more

AOR SDR-IP SDR SDR-IP SDR commercial grade rece...

Software defined receiver. It offers the ultimate versatility for scientific research, radio astronomy, shortwave listening and amateur radio. The SDR-IP uses a high performance 80 MHz, 16 bit ADC with both dithering and randomization for best per... Read more

AOR AR-5001D 40kHz - 3.15GHz. Base receiver

The AR5001D super wide range receiver has been developed to meet the monitoring needs of security professionals and government agencies.Up to three channels can be monitored simultaneously. 2000 memories, digital signal processing, direct digital ... Read more

AOR AR-2300 40kHz-3150MHz Digitally processed P...

The AOR AR2300B is a wideband black box receiver that covers 40 kHz to 3150 MHz (less cellular) in: USB, LSB, CW, Wide FM, Narrow FM and AM modes. APCO P-25 mode is available optionally. 2000 Alpha memories store frequency, mode, antenna port and... Read more

AOR AR-DV1 SDR Digital Voice Receiver Now offer...

The AOR AR-DV1 SDR Digital Voice Receiver Here is the next generation multi digital mode demodulation receiver, the AOR AR-DV1! This incredible digital voice receiver features wide-band reception (100kHz - 1300MHz), multi-mode digital demodulation... Read more

AOR SR-2200 Professional black box communicatio...

The AOR SR-2200 Professional black box communications receiver compact high performance black box receiver for professional applications under computer control (USB / RS232) 25MHz - 3 GHz The SR2200 is a black box wide band receiver intended for c... Read more


AOR proudly brings a solution to a common problem the listening enthusiasts are facing: There are less and less signals to listen to with a traditional analog receiver, as digital communication slowly but surely is replacing analog communication. ... Read more

AOR AR-8200D 500 kHz to 3000 MHz

The AOR AR8200D is the latest member of the proud AR8200 family. It follows in the great tradition of the earlier 8200 range of wideband receiver. This sensitive handheld radio covers 500 kHz to 3000 MHz (less cellular) in: Wide FM, Narrow FM, Su... Read more

AOR AR-8600MKII 100kHz - 3000MHz + free power s...

The AOR AR-8600Mk2 is the latest mobile/base station to emerge from the AOR factory and has been enhanced in several areas. The upper frequency range has been extended to 3000MHz (3GHz), lower band sensitivity has been increased (now covering down... Read more

AOR ARL-2300 Ethernet Controller for AR-2300 & ...

The ARL-2300 Ethernet Controller is an option for the AR-2300 and AR-5001D communication receivers, which allows remote control and remote listening through LAN and the internet. The ARL-2300 comes with all you need to get started, all you need is... Read more

AOR ARD-9800 analogue voice transceiver to digi...

The AOR ARD-9800 analogue voice transceiver to digital transmission, Approved system at present to convert your analogue voice transceiver to digital transmission. No modifications are necessary, it's all in one box and very easily plugs into your... Read more

AOR AR-8200-MkIII AOR Scanner 530kHz-3 GHz

The AR-8200 Mark 3 is developed on the successful AR-8200 Series-2 is the all-mode receiver. It now has extended receive frequency coverage to 3GHz, the illumination has been further enhanced, and high capacity Nickel Metal Hydride batteries suppl... Read more

AOR LA-400 Receiving Loop Antenna

The AOR LA400 is a wide range receiving antenna that covers from 10 kHz to 500 MHz. There are four selectable band ranges from 150 kHz to 30 MHz that allow manual tuning and then fixed operation for covered frequencies from 10-149 kHz and 30-500 M... Read more

AOR ARD9000 Digital Voice Interface

The AOR ARD9000 Digital Voice Interface lets you explore the world of digital communications with your existing transceiver.This device uses the same audio frequencies (300 - 2500 Hz) as microphone audio..The open published (G4GUO) digital protoco... Read more

AOR SA-7000 Wideband Antenna

The AOR SA7000 super wide range receiving antenna covers from 30 kHz to 2 GHz. This 6 foot (1.8 m) passive antenna has two vertical elements with a built-in duplexer. The aerial is designed for areas where space is a problem or when an unobtrusive... Read more

AOR AS-5001 4-way Antenna Switch for AR-5000

AOR AS-5001 4-way antenna switch for AR-5000 control & power from rig, AS-5001 4 way aerial switch up to 3.5GHz control and power from rig for AR-5000 AR-ALPHA & AR-5001D. Read more

AOR Multi-interface MI8200 for AR8200MK3

MI8200 Multi-Interface - PC control and recording for AR8200MK3, MI8200 Multi-Interface is an accessory dedicated to the AR8200MK3 Hand-Held Radio Receiver, with serial numbers,95431 and higher. (152831 and higher in the U.S GOVERNMENT VERSION and... Read more

AOR MA-500 mobile VHF-UHF aerial

The AOR MA500 is a wide band VHF - UHF mobile whip aerial mounted on a magnetic base. Usable coverage is 25 MHz - 1300 MHz with the loaded whip element being peaked around 150 & 800 MHz. The magnetic base has a diameter of about 85mm and the m... Read more

AOR MF-500 Collins Mech 500Hz CW Filter for AR-...

The AOR MF-500 Collins Mech 500Hz CW Filter for AR-5000-7030, Pick out the signals from the noise, A continuous wave or continuous waveform (CW) is an electromagnetic wave of constant amplitude and frequency, almost always a sine wave, that for ma... Read more

AOR CT-8200 CTCSS Card for AR-8200-8200-S2

CT-8200 CTCSS Card for AR-8200-8200-S2, CTCSS slot card for AR-8200-8200-S2. Read more

AOR 8200USB - USB Interface and PC lead

This is a USB version of the PC interface lead for the AR8200, the UK version is supplied with driver disk. When this lead is used, you do not need a separate USB-RS232 adapter or RS232 serial lead. Everything you need to connect your AR8200 to a ... Read more

Aor CT-5000 CTCSS Board for AR-5000

Aor CT-5000 CTCSS Board for AR-5000. Read more