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welcome to the amateur radio mfj atu accessories. Page. Here, you'll find links for mfj atu accessories.In addition, specific models mentioned in the mfj atu and accessories forum like vhf-uhf-hf transmitting antenna tuner and more are here for future reference. Amateur antenna tuner parts add extras sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in ham radio mfj atu accessories design. We sell genuine mfj atu accessories. Antenna communications we are authorized to sell products large stocks Cheap fast delivery. Get the very best price and service from your local ham radio shops uk.


The MFJ-1707B is a RF sensed TR Antenna switch designed to be used with a transceiver and two antennas. This allows you to use a separate receive antenna and transmit antenna allowing the versatility of specialized receive antennas such as receivi... Read more

MFJ-914 Auto Tuner Extender

The MFJ-914 Auto Tuner Extender, Not all automatic ATUs on rigs can match the wide range that manual ATUs can manage. The MFJ-914 has been specifically designed to rectify this problem. The MFJ-914 is a heavy duty, wide band, wide range impedance ... Read more

MFJ-917 SWR Analyzer Current Balun

The MFJ-917 1:1 Current balun.1:1 Current balun lets you use SWR and Antenna Analyzers on balanced line antennas and other loads. 1.8-30 MHz. Read more

Replacement Top Cover for MFJ-941

Replacement Top Cover for MFJ-941, Genuine MFJ part. Model number - 804-0941E Also with scratch protector for brand new finish! Read more