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Signal Injector

MFJ-5004 - Professional Function Generator

MFJ-5004 - Professional Function Generator. Gives precision sine, square and triangular wave forms from 1Hz to 1 MHz in 6 decade ranges. Amplitude adjustable 0-12 volts peak-to-peak. DC offset is adjustable from -6 to +6 VDC. Output is short ci... Read more

MFJ-5012 - Portable Signal Tracer/Injector.

The MFJ-5012 - Portable Signal Tracer/Injector. The multi-purpose MFJ Portable Signal Tracer/Injector is used to quickly find defective stages in all kinds of signal amplifiers, radio receivers, and transmitters. This includes home theater systems... Read more

MFJ-5000 - Pocket-sized function generator

MFJ-5000 - Pocket-sized function generator. This unique MFJ Portable Function generator is the only compact, battery-operated function generator designed for travel or bench use. MFJ-5000 travels easily and fits in the smallest tool box ready ... Read more

MFJ-4117 Bias-Tee 1-60MHz with DC Switch

Send up to 1 Amp DC and up to 50 Volts DC down a coax cable to power equipment (automatic antenna tuner, relay box, etc.) without running a separate power cable. Requires one MFJ-4116 on each end of coax cable to inject DC power and to retrieve DC... Read more