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Airband Handheld and Base Radios

Welcome to the Air band Handheld and Base Radios page. Here, you'll find links for Air band Handheld and Base Radios covering vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the air band and airplane spotters forums and are here for future reference. Air band Handheld and Base Radios sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in Air band Handheld and Base Radios design.Buy your Ground Communications for Handheld · Panel Mount. VHF Air Band Transceivers . air band radios are usually operated in high-noise environments.for all your portable or handheld Air Band Transceivers try Icom or Yaesu with 2 years warranty,

Icom A220T Aircraft Panel Mounted Radio

The IC-A220T is Icom’s next generation 8.33kHz air band panel mount transceiver. The long awaited successor to the manufacturer's celebrated IC-A210, is now TSO approved and can now be sold into European member state countries. This radio featur... Read more

Icom IC-A210 VHF Ground to Air Panel Mount Tran...

Innovative airband that's easier to install and see in more places, Large, bright OLED display, A fixed mount VHF airband first! The IC-A210E has an organic light emitting diode (OLED) display. The OLED display emits light by itself and the displa... Read more

Icom IC-A25CEPRO Airband Transceiver

The IC-A25CE 8.33kHz/25kHz VHF Airband transceiver is the latest radio from Icom. It’s a cut-down version of its Big Brother, IC-A25NE, providing just COMMS and no NAV. It has 6 watts of output power, a stylish modern design, easy-to-use interfa... Read more

Yaesu FTA-750L Airband Transceiver with Integra...

The YAESU FTA-750L Combines tradition with innovation. Born from a history of high quality communications the FTA-750L now includes a 66 channel GPS receiver for reliable navigation. Boasting an oversize full dot matrix LCD display, the FTA-750L A... Read more

Yaesu FTA-550AA/L Airband Transceiver with ILS ...

The YAESU FTA-550 is packed with features, yet very affordable. Boasting an oversize full dot matrix LCD display, the FTA-550 Airband Transceiver provides full communication on the Aircraft communications Band and additionally provides VOR and ILS... Read more

Yaesu FTA-450L Airband Transceiver + SAD-11U + ...

The YAESU FTA-450L is a competitively priced (COMM ONLY) version of the wildly successful FTA-550L and FTA-750L. Featuring the same Easy To Operate icon driven menu system, on a large 1.7" x 1.7" Full Dot Matrix Display. The same Loud 800mW intern... Read more

Yaesu FTA-250L 8.33kHz Narrow Band capable

The Yaesu FTA-250L is an extremely affordable, compact (COMM ONLY) Airband transceiver. Featuring an extremely rugged Polycarbonate housing with an IPX5 Waterproof rating for use in harsh environments with rain, splash and spray. Loud 700mW audio ... Read more