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ACOM HF amplifiers
4CX800A Transmitting Ceramic Tube
ACOM HF amplifiers
4CX800A Transmitting Ceramic Tube
£449.95 (£374.96 exc. VAT)
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Product code:4CX800A
Brand:ACOM HF amplifiers

The 4CX800A us a high-performance ceramic metal tetrode with a plate dissipation rating of 800 watts with forced air cooling. The performance characteristics of the 4CX800A allow its wo use as a hifg gain grid-driven RF amplifter or in grounded grid service. Full equivalent to the modern 4CX800A tube.

Name: GU74B;

Type: tetrode;

Cathode type: oxide, indirect heating;

Application field: power amplification in broadcasting and SSB equipment;

Brief application: amplification;

Envelope: metall-ceramic;

Cooling method: forced air;

Dimensions: 90mm x 71mm;

Mass: 0.55 kg;

Filament voltage: 12.6 V;

Filament current: 3.3 - 3.9 A;

Mutual conductance: 26 to 38 mA/V;

Output power: 0.6 kW;

Maximum anode voltage: 2kV/4kV in peak;

Maximum operating frequency: 150MHz.